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Watch John Mulaney Take Over Joe Biden Impression

Watch John Mulaney Take Over Joe Biden Impression

Watch John Mulaney Take Over Joe Biden Impression


John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live yet again, and it was a smash hit, yet again!

This week’s cold open was, believe it or not, a political sketch! VP Mike Pence, now in charge of responding to the Corona virus threat in America, held a press conference. And a whole whack of the Democratic candidates came to help make Pence look like a fool. All the big hitters were there: Elizabeth Warren, Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders (with guest appearances from Fred Armisen and Larry David), and Joe Biden being played by the third person to impersonate him this season, John Mulaney.

To be brutally honest, these Biden impressionists are getting worse and worse. Woody Harrelson nailed it, but stopped coming back for some reason. Then Jason Sudeikis came back with his merely serviceable impression, despite having been doing it for 10+ years. And Mulaney? He just put a wig on.

Mulaney really brought the heat otherwise. His stand-up monologue was incredibly hilarious and poignant, riffing off the inanity of the first couple amendments to the American constitution, and bringing his Make-A-Wish guest to SNL rehearsal to see who she really wanted to see (and he was a super good sport about it).

The sketches were zany, of course. His best buddy Pete Davidson was in a lot more sketches than usual to no one’s surprise, vibing off of Davidson’s charisma and penchant for capturing Millennial humour that the other writers can’t quite grasp.

And you remember Diner Lobster? Well, Mulaney ripped himself off with Airport Sushi. It’s basically the same setup – customer orders seafood at a questionable location and various animals, ghosts and kitchen staff arrive to sing Broadway standards. It’s a good sketch, with a special appearance from Jake Gyllenhaal, but it’s hard to see Airport Sushi and not have it dilute what made Diner Lobster special.

Weekend Update came at the Corona virus right off the top. As Michael Che said, it’s hard to tell jokes about something like this, so they targeted Trump’s reaction to it instead.

So what will Mulaney bring in his inevitable fourth consecutive time hosting next season? Hopefully the shot in the arm Saturday Night Live might need, because that’s what he did this time around indeed!

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