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Benedict Cumberbatch Comers-back to Saturday Night Live!

Benedict Cumberbatch Comers-back to Saturday Night Live!

Benedict Cumberbatch Comers-back to Saturday Night Live!


Watch Saturday Night Live this weekend for the most 2011 guest coupling ever: Benedict Cumberbatch as host and Arcade Fire as musical guest!


Benedict Cumberbatch. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!

Tune in to watch the man with the most British name ever (and depending on where you accent, one of the filthiest names ever?) host Saturday Night Live this weekend. Which is awesome, because, between some Oscar noms, and his Marvel movies and everything else, dude is having a moment right now. But that’s kind of an unfair thing to say because when over the past 12 years has he not been having a moment? The BBC’s Sherlock was a worldwide favourite and had everyone saying “Robert Downey Who-nior?” when nobody else could topple Robert Downey Jr. And now he’s rolling out his Marvel film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is not only a sequel to the first highly-regarded Dr. Strange, but also kind of a sequel to last years hit series WandaVision and at the same time following up on what Spider-man: No Way Home brought to the Marvel table. So he’s just pretty much king of everything right now, and he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live fresh off their spring hiatus. It’s the home stretch to the end of the season, and he’s first at bringing it home.

Not to mention, he’s very nice to look at, as proven and not-so-eloquently stated the last time he hosted SNL.

Benedict Cumberbatch hosting SNL is going to be the best thing that happens to your TV this weekend. Don’t believe it? Watch it (11.30 et/8.30 pt Saturday on Global), review it and prove me wrong.

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