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Survivor’s Morgan Ricke Haunted by Legacy Curse

Survivor’s Morgan Ricke Haunted by Legacy Curse

Survivor’s Morgan Ricke Haunted by Legacy Curse


John Powell – GobalTV.com

The curse lives on. Thus far in Survivor history the troublesome Legacy Advantage has spelled doom for those who initially have come into its possession. On Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, Jessica Lewis was eliminated before she could use it. Sierra Dawn Thomas found it on Survivor: Game Changers and it proved to be her undoing. On Survivor: Ghost Island we have just seen Jacob Derwin and now Morgan Ricke fall victim to the Legacy Advantage curse.

How does Morgan feel about being the curse’s latest casualty?

“I am not a superstitious person. I didn’t believe there was a curse on that thing. I didn’t believe it. I don’t believe in ghosts but, you know what? I blame this on Jacob. Obviously, Sierra couldn’t keep her mouth closed. It became cursed. Jacob willed it to me. He couldn’t keep his mouth closed. It became cursed. I was able to accomplish a big goal. I actually kept my mouth closed! So, we will see if I can actually reverse the curse for Domenick Abbate but I am starting to really believe this thing is really cursed,” said Morgan.


When Morgan met up with Jacob at the Ponderosa camp for evicted players, Jacob dramatically fell to the floor with his hands on his head. He couldn’t believe she has been voted out.

“I wish they had Jacob’s reaction to seeing me on video. He keep saying…It is cursed! It is cursed! I am so sorry! The poor guy felt so bad,” Morgan laughed.

Morgan willed the Legacy Advantage to Domenick over the others because she says she had a strong bond with him from the very start of the game. Having watched so many seasons of Survivor she wanted to work alongside a good guy and be his right-hand man, so to speak.

“I was like his Amber [Brkich] and he was my Boston Rob [Mariano],” she joked as she discussed how she felt about the parting shot she gave Libby at Tribal Council.

John Powell: What do you think about Libby Vincek‘s move last night?

Morgan Ricke: “I respect Libby. A gamer respects a gamer and that was a great move. There are no hard feelings. I actually meant to say what I said: Never trust the cute blonde. Angela [Perkins] thought I said: Never trust the two blondes. It just goes to show you how clueless Angela was during the entire Tribal Council. She didn’t know anything that was happening.”


John Powell: On the Malolo side of things it was either you or Wendell Holland because they believed Dom had an idol. Why wouldn’t they target Angela?

Morgan Ricke: “We wanted them to go Angela so bad but they thought we had a trick up our sleeve. They thought it was too easy. She was one of the weakest members on our tribe. She hasn’t done a whole lot or formed relationships so there must be a trick to it. They thought maybe Dom was going to play his idol for her.”

John Powell: So, her being close to Chris Noble wasn’t the only reason you didn’t trust Angela?

Morgan Ricke: “We didn’t know a lot about her. She wasn’t very open. She never wanted to talk about anything. She didn’t want to talk about her family. She didn’t want to talk about the military, which I get but we couldn’t mesh with her and because of that, we couldn’t trust her. We weren’t willing to go to rocks for a person we never trusted.”


John Powell: What do you think was your fatal mistake, if any? If you got the chance to play again would you play any differently?

Morgan Ricke: “I am not sure I would play any differently. I think I got burned on the swap and the rock draw. Much of my fate was in the hands of the Survivor gods. I was strong physically and I think I proved myself socially. I made great connections with people which is why they wanted me out. They felt I was the glue that was holding the alliance together.”

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