RETURNING PLAYERS: See how many points your picks racked up for the week on the Results page.

Survivor Fantasy Tribe - Season 38: Edge of Extinction Pool


STEP 1:  Pick five castaways to be in your 'Fantasy Tribe' who you think will make it to the final five and, out of those five, one MVP who you think will be the sole-survivor. Points begin to accumulate starting with episode 2 airing on February 27th.

Tip: Check out the Survivor Season 38: Edge of Extinction cast bios and pre-season videos below to help with your decision!

STEP 2:  Designate a tribe commissioner amongst your friends and family that you'll be competing against to keep track of points using the Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool Card.

STEP 3: Watch Survivor: Edge of Extinction Wednesdays at 8 et/pt beginning February 20 on Global.

STEP 4: Check the Results page every Thursday evening to see how many points your castaways racked up for the week based on the Survivor Fantasy Tribe Points Scoring System.

STEP 5:  Award the Survivor: Edge of Extinction Fantasy Tribe Championship title at the end of the season to the player who has collected the most points!

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