Season premiere Thursday at 10 et/pt

Holmes returns to New York with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD. Gina Gershon and Ophelia Lovibond guest star.


Event series Thursday at 9 et/pt

Jack Reinhold's dark past comes to light, and Beth Solano decides to open up to the press.


New episode Thursday at 8 et/pt

The Jeffersonian team attends a forensic science convention where Brennan runs into her publishing rival (guest star Nora Dunn).


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The team spends Halloween night searching a wild costume party looking for a perpetrator long believed to be dead. New episode Wednesday.


New episode Friday at 10 et/pt

While fighting an ancient Welsh spirit, John finds a new ally in a mysterious young woman named Zed.

Hawaii Five-0

New episode Friday at 9 et/pt

Five-0 must track down a serial killer who is copying murders depicted in a cult slasher film.