Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my show not on at its regular time?

    Generally, when a show is pre-empted it is done because the originating US Network has chosen to air a different program in that time slot, one for which we do not own the program rights. We then fill that time with programming we have in our library.

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  • Why did Global change the time/day that my favourite program airs?

    Scheduling decisions are always made after careful thought and consideration. Although we realize that not every decision will please everyone, we care a great deal about our audience and we welcome viewer feedback and comments, to help us continue making informed programming decisions.

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  • Will episodes be repeated?

    Many episodes of our programs are re-aired at some point. To determine if the program you are interested in is currently scheduled to be rebroadcast, or specific programs and episodes, we suggest checking your local television listings for the exact date and time when particular episodes will be shown again. Or check our daily online listings at

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  • How do I obtain copies of episodes that I missed?

    Global does not have the rights to sell or distribute any of our programming; we purchase only the rights to air them. We can send you contact information for certain Canadian programming (if available on file), should you wish to contact the production companies to obtain distribution information.

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  • Why was my show cancelled?

    Occasionally, a show may be cancelled by the originating US Network mid-season. When this happens, we do not have the rights to broadcast the remaining episodes. It is our hope that alternate programming on the Global Television schedule compensates with many hours of viewing pleasure.

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  • Why do you include pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen during a program?

    All standard banners during program broadcasts are provided to inform our viewers of any upcoming programs of interest or time changes as a value-added service. Overall our many viewers across Canada consider this an enhancement of their viewing experience.

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  • High definition inquiries?

    Global in Ontario currently provides an HD stream to some of the larger BDUs - broadcast distribution undertaking (BDUs are your local cable or satellite providers). We will be addressing each Global station over a period of time and not all at once. There is no over the air transmission available yet, but we expect to have an over the air HD transmitter up and running for CHCH Hamilton, Global Ontario and Global BC. After they are set up and running, Calgary and Edmonton will follow for an HD transmitter, followed by the remaining Global Networks. Detailed specifications (i.e. the actual channel #'s) will come at a later date. Simulcast Substitution (SimSub) of our Global signal atop a U.S. broadcaster's signal carrying the exact same program at the exact same time will continue as per the CRTC, however that said if for example NBC is airing an HD version of the same show we only have available in SD (Standard Definition), then the BDUs should not be initiating that SimSub. Your patience is appreciated.

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  • Looking for stories or clips from Global National news?

    Watch it online at

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  • How can I watch a previously aired local news broadcast?

    Please visit and select your region.

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  • Looking for a copy of an episode of Entertainment Tonight Canada?

    Please contact Cision Media at 1⋅800⋅363⋅1281 or visit for more information.

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  • How do I submit a Public Service Announcement?

    Please contact your local Global News television station. Find your local station information here.

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  • Question, comment or news tip for 16x9?

    Email or call 1⋅877⋅TELL⋅169

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  • Question, comment or news tip for Consumer SOS?

    Email Sean O'Shea at or call 1⋅866⋅SOS⋅1414

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  • Have great weather shots you'd like to share?

    Send your pictures or video along with your name, location and a description of the weather event to: By sending us pictures or video you give Global News permission to use those images on television, on our website and on any other Global broadcast, print and web properties. All pictures and video sent to us become the property of Global News.

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  • If I'm with a participating TV service provider, where do I sign in?

    Visit our sign in page to get full access to our catelogue, including some full seasons of our biggest hit shows. Learn more about signing in here.

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  • What if I have forgotten my username and password from my TV provider?

    Please contact your television service provider to gain access. Global does not store or provide that information. For Shaw customers, please see the Shaw Go sign in page here.

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  • Why isn’t my TV provider listed?

    Global Go is available to all Canadian TV cable, satellite and IPTV providers. Please check back soon to see if your television provider is enabled on our app and website. To speed up the process, please contact your service provider to inquire about this service offering.

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  • I don't have cable. Can I watch Global shows without signing in?

    Yes! New episodes are available to stream without signing in for the first 7 days after broadcast.

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  • Can I watch live TV?

    Yes, if you sign in with your television service provider credentials. Just go to the Live section on the app or web and sign in. You will then be presented your closest Global channel.

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  • How long will episodes be available?

    All new on-demand episodes are available to everyone in Canada to watch for the first 7 days after the broadcast airdate. After that, the videos require a sign-in with your TV service provider username and password. Once signed in, you will have access to some full seasons of content, so you can catch up at any time. Expiry dates can be found on each episode.

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  • Why is the episode I'm looking for not online?

    Occasionally our shows are on a break or on a holiday - check the showpage for up to date schedule information.

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  • Why can't I view some of my favourite shows online?

    Check the showpage for information about video availability.

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  • What are your system requirements?

    Operating systems: Windows + Mac | Flash version: 16 & up | Desktop browsers: Chrome 40 & up, Firefox 36 & up, IE 10 & up, Safari 8 & Up Mobile devices:  iPhone4s, iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Galaxy S4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad Air, Nexus 7, Samsung galaxy 10 (Note: Full episode playback is currently not available in tablet or mobile web browsers – please download the Global Go app for iOS or Android)

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  • My show won't play. What's going on?

    Ensure the web browser you're using is up to date (we recommend Chrome 40 & up or Firefox 36 & up) as well as Flash version 16 & up, then restart your computer.

    Check to ensure you are not browsing in a private tab. Our video player will not work in incognito mode. If you are running an ad blocker or IP proxy tool - try turning it off and starting again.

    Check your internet connection and try restarting your computer.

    If you are experiencing video problems in Windows 8 or 8.1 and have system updates pending, try updating Windows and restarting. This may resolve playback issues.

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  • Can I stream Global shows outside of Canada?

    You can only watch our shows while in a Canadian territory.

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  • It says I’m not in Canada, but I am. What’s going on?

    It sounds like you could have a browser extension or proxy tool that is modifying your IP address, so our video player or app thinks you're in the U.S. You might not even realize you have it running! Turn it off and your computer or device will reconnect to your Canadian IP in a moment.

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  • Do Global videos include advertisements?

    Our full episodes include video advertisements that may play before, during, and after video playback.

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  • Can I download shows and store them on my device or computer?

    No. You can only stream content while connected to the Internet. There is no option to save or store content locally on devices or computers.

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  • How do I turn closed captioning on or off?

    You can turn closed captioning on or off by clicking the CC button near the volume on the web video player.

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  • What do the locks mean?

    Locks represent content that is available only to signed-in users. Once signed in, all locks will become play icons, and you will have access to some full seasons of shows.

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  • How many people in my household can sign in at the same time on devices?

    We currently limit the sign-in at five per account.

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  • What is the Global Go app?

    Global Go is a video app created for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. It provides your favourite Global shows as well as access to live content.

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  • How do I access Global Go?

    Once you have downloaded the app from the app store, just start watching! On-demand content is available to everyone within seven days of the broadcast airdate. After that, the content requires a sign-in username and password associated with your TV Service Provider account. Live TV also requires a sign-in.

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  • How much does it cost?

    The app is free to download.

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  • Will Global Go use my cellular data plan (3G/4G/LTE)?

    You have the option in settings to restrict content playback to WiFi only. If you choose to allow cellular playback, you may incur mobile data plan charges.

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  • Is the content within the app the same as on your website?

    You can enjoy almost all the full episodes currently residing on The few exceptions are determined by licensing agreements.

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  • Which devices does the Global Go app work on?

    iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices running iOS 5.X or newer, and Android with OS 4.0 or greater.

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  • Why am I hearing audio only with no video imagery?

    In low connectivity areas the device transfers playback to an audio-only version of the show file. If you are on a 3G network, please try connecting to a stronger Wi-Fi connection to resume video playback. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network but out of range, please reorient yourself to obtain a stronger connection.

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  • Do I have to sign in every time I open the app?

    No. The sign-in will be valid with a token that will last 30 days, and will reset for another 30 days every time you open the app. So, if you sign in once and come back every week to catch up on your favourite shows, you will not need to sign in again.

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