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Survivor’s Desiree Afuye Doesn’t Regret Targeting Ally, Kellyn Bechtold

Survivor’s Desiree Afuye Doesn’t Regret Targeting Ally, Kellyn Bechtold

Survivor’s Desiree Afuye Doesn’t Regret Targeting Ally, Kellyn Bechtold


Survivor: Ghost Island castaway, Desiree Afuye, explains why she made such a bold move in the latest episode of the series.

When Laurel exposed your plan to get rid of Kellyn, were you surprised that Laurel was believed over you?

I don’t think I was really surprised. I knew it was 50/50 – I was either going to get paid full price, which was staying, or I was going to go home. That’s what I got. I don’t think I was really surprised. I knew that there was a good chance they weren’t going to keep me.

Did you feel bad for Laurel at any time knowing that she was actually telling the truth?

I didn’t really feel bad at all, honestly. I didn’t feel bad because I felt like I understood why she made the decision she made. I had the knowledge, and during the game I knew she was working with Dom [Abbate] and Wendell [Holland] , but I also knew that they had idols. To me, it was like if you’re siding with them you’re more so giving them the power. And on top of their idols, they’re very persuasive. Socially, they’ve been making a whole lot of moves. So I was like, if you’re siding with them, you’re siding with people you don’t want next to you in the end.

It seemed like your move was the right one, but was it too soon? If you were to do it all over again how would your strategy change?

I don’t think it was too soon. If you’re not trying to vote out the power players now then you’re only getting closer to the end with them. My only regret is that I didn’t go back and try to reconfigure how to execute the plan. Even after it blew up, I just kept on denying it and maybe I could have gone back and still tried to execute the plan.

What if your plan succeeded? What would have been your next move?

My next move would have been to get out the people that I was actually targeting. The only reason I targeted Kellyn [Bechtold] was because Dom and Wendell had idols and I really wanted them out, and she was working with them. I felt like she was the glue keeping them stuck to everyone else. Chelsea wouldn’t have been working with Dom if Kellyn wasn’t with Dom and Wendell. Laurel [Johnson] probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with them because they’re two big players, and she doesn’t want to sit next to two big guys who have idols. I was taking all of that into account.

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Now that you’re a member of the jury, what’s your criteria for who you think should win?

I’m looking at who has the most power plays. Okay, I like that you win challenges, but what power plays did you make? Why are you sitting there, and what did you do to sit in the final three? What did you specifically do that nobody else can claim?

Looking back at your edit, is there anything you wish they would have included?

I definitely wish that they would have included just how much I worked on a relationship with Laurel and Donathan. I truly tried to build a relationship with them down to that last day where I said the plan to everyone else. I had been talking to Laurel and Donathan about making an alliance with them, myself and Ang for the final four. I hadn’t gone into detail about how we were going to do that, but I was building relationships with them and I wish that would have been shown. It kind of seems like it might be random or just that day I had made up my mind to take out Kellyn. But, it had been something that had been happening since the merge.

You and Angela voted for Libby and everyone else voted for Chris when he was sent home. Were there any repercussions to that vote?

Yeah! Me trying to vote out Kellyn was kind of a repercussion because that’s what made me realize Kellyn wasn’t as close to an ally to me as she was to someone like Chelsea [Townsend] . It wasn’t like a payback thing, but it was like, I know you’re working with them and they have idols. If I want to vote them out, then I have to vote you out first.

What surprised you most about the experience?

I think you never really understand just how tough it is to make a safe and sound decision when you don’t have that much food and when you’re getting a lot of mixed stories. That was my biggest struggle – I guess being able to read everyone and make a sound decision while not being able to not be at my physical best.

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