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Survivor 46 Finale Predictions

Survivor 46 Finale Predictions

Survivor 46 Finale Predictions


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

To say the very least, Survivor 46 has been a season of big moves and big blunders. After 26 days in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands we will finally have our winner and the recipient of that million dollar grand prize. Who of the final five will have what it takes to become the Sole Survivor? Here are our picks.

Sole Survivor

There is some speculation that it could be Maria or Kenzie sitting in that finale seat but I am going with Kenzie based on what we have seen of her edit on the show. Her presence both social and strategic has grown immensely since the merge. She is undoubtedly the darling, the social butterfly, the most popular Survivor on the island not only because of her personality but how she has treated others the entire time. She has seen them as human beings not chess pieces and that is what will win her the game. Since she has just recently announced that she is pregnant you can bet that money will be put to good use by the salon owner.


While he will have Maria’s exit on his resume he doesn’t come off as the strategic mastermind that he was. He was overshadowed by Maria for the entire season. He perhaps will be seen as her puppet not an equal in their alliance. Will Maria take her exit personally and torpedo Charlie’s chances? We will have to wait and see. It will be a Cruel Summer for Charlie.


If there was a template for a New Era player Liz would be it. She is more personality than competitor. Her time on Survivor will be remembered for her breakdowns, tantrums and outbursts not for her gameplay.


Poor Ben. He has just been hanging out, surviving on the island and playing music trivia. When it comes to game you can fit Ben’s resume on a business card. He hasn’t won a single immunity challenge and he hasn’t spearheaded any kind of strategic move. He is an easy out before the big finale. Perhaps he loses the fire-making challenge?


Like her or not she has played an amazing game. She has made moves when she has had to and oftentimes sat back letting others take the wheel. She has had more influence on the votes than any player this season. Unfortunately, that has also made her a massive target. Many of the finalists know that based on their and her resumes they cannot beat her. If her social game didn’t take the hits it has recently she might be able to weather the storm that is coming. Maria will take her place among the Survivor greats who never won the game.