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Survivor 46 Midseason Report Card

Survivor 46 Midseason Report Card

Survivor 46 Midseason Report Card


By John Powell – GlobalTV

A tearful Soda is the first member of our jury. There are a lot of seats that still needs to be filled though. Now the real battle begins at Nuinui as that finale and million dollar check is within everyone’s grasp. Here’s how we rate Survivor 46’s final ten.


Maria has been the standout player this season. There is really only one player that comes close to her comprehensive, well-rounded gameplay. The real question going into the final phase of the game is if she has the support system in place to shield her and protect her?


Tevin’s gameplay is on par with Maria’s. He has an incredibly strong and influential social game while also displaying a really clever strategic mind.


Tiffany is right in there among the power, alpha player but she doesn’t have the impeccable social games that Maria and Tevin have. She also doesn’t have the numbers with Q now going rogue and flip-flopping more than a flea market vendor.



Whatever you do don’t sleep on Kenzie. She is the dark horse to win it all if she can scrape through to the end. She is incredibly popular and that might be able to bridge the distance and the gap between the strategic game she has displayed so far compared to others.


Charlie has been playing a very tight and focused game. He only sticks his neck out, makes a move when he has to otherwise he is perfectly fine with letting others drive that bus. The issue with that kind of game is he can been seen as the follower and not the leader.



Ben has a formidable social game and strong links to Ben and Maria. He really hasn’t made any bold strategic moves or won many challenges. Because of that, he may be able to skate though to the final five.



Hunter is seen and has been portrayed as a physical threat. There isn’t a whole lot else to his game. He seems to be the perfect blindside candidate.



She is just kind of there. She doesn’t appear to be the master of her own fate. She is swept along by the tide as a very passive player. She could be this season’s goat led to the end.



He once was a strong player giving Bhanu advice. His entire game has crashed and burned since then. It is just a matter of time before he is sent on his way, probably after Tiffany and Kenzie are done with him or find someone to replace him in their trio.


The funny thing is that what makes Venus such a terrible player is what will probably get her to stick around for a few more votes. The others all know she is doomed. They all don’t have any interest in working with her for the long-term. She is just sitting in her pen waiting to be slaughtered as the bigger, more immediate threats are sent to jury.