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SNL: Steve Carell’s Monologue Turns Into The Office Reunion

SNL: Steve Carell’s Monologue Turns Into The Office Reunion

SNL: Steve Carell’s Monologue Turns Into The Office Reunion


This weekend on Saturday Night Livehost Steve Carell’s former The Office co-stars interrupted his monologue to hassle him about the rumoured Office reboot!

Steve Carell was the host of the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, and his monologue – a word that seems to have a new meaning that is synonymous with celebrity cameo – was interrupted by audience members, most of whom were on The Office. Ellie Kemper, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms and even Steve’s wife Nancy Carell (a short-term SNL cast member herself during Season 21 as Nancy Walls back then), along with their kids, interrupted whatever Steve Carell was going to talk about to encourage him to do the rumoured Office reboot.


Everyone’s still pretty unclear if The Office is getting the reboot it deserves, though – but hey, at least the cast members are talking about it! Who knows, maybe we’ll all look back at this episode as the moment that The Office reboot became serious business. Or maybe this will be the closest thing to an Office reboot we’ll ever see. Either way, this happened, and at least we’re all better off for it.

Carell did a mighty job as host, with some pretty absurd sketches, between a completely clueless dad who knows much less about what his wife is up to than his kids, to a Thanksgiving that devolves into a rock song and ends in a stabbing. But the stand out sketch that really deserves a hand is Carell’s message to America as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. There’s been a lot of talk recently about Amazon’s new headquarters, and they recently (finally) chose their new location. And surrounding that talk is speculation to the reasoning for their decision – was it all to troll Trump?


Whatever Bezos’ intentions may be, you can’t deny results.

Carell delivered a slam-dunk of a show this weekend, loaded with especially quirky sketches (Leslie Jones eating Pete Davison as a cob of purple corn? Sure!) that were right up his alley. And with his monologue loaded with familiar faces from The Office and so much more, Steve Carell was able to breath a little bit of extra life into two amazing NBC staples. This only leads to more excitement for both series’ futures!

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