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SNL: Scarlett Johansson Announced As Upcoming Host

SNL: Scarlett Johansson Announced As Upcoming Host

SNL: Scarlett Johansson Announced As Upcoming Host


Scarlett Johansson returns to host Saturday Night Live for the sixth time ever!

Scarlett Johansson is already a Five-Timers member (having been initiated last time she hosted with a parody version of the $5 Foot Long song from Subway). But she’s also basically part of the SNL family as well. She’s engaged to marry co-head writer and Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost! Not to mention that she’s their go-to celebrity cameo when they need someone to play Ivanka Trump (though it’s been quite a while since she’s played that role – for which she’s definitely perfect). So probably that will happen, likely alongside her fake dad Alec Baldwin as Trump. Ivanka hasn’t made much news as of late, but she’s there, so why not? ScarJo’s Ivanka certainly has a hot take on the whole impeachment thing going on.

She first hosted in 2006 – she was already a huge star at that point, having been in Lost In TranslationThe Island and The Prestige. Now, she’s a part of the biggest movie franchise of all time as superhero Black Widow, a Russian turn-coat spy and member of the (less and less) exclusive super team The Avengers. And next year, Johansson finally has her own solo Black Widow film coming out. This is a film fans have been clamoring for for who knows how long. But you know who called it first? Yeah, it was Saturday Night Live in 2015.

Hopefully the real one isn’t anything like that! Though Taran Killam really worked as Thor, so… maybe a little like that?

Supporting Johansson as musical guest is Niall Horan – another One Direction member on SNL just a few weeks after Harry Styles hosted. The centre of the Venn Diagram of SNL/One Directions fans must be losing their minds by now.

Only two more SNL episodes left this year – no, this decade! What a decade it’s been! The Lonely Island boys were at the top of their game before they moved on; Kate McKinnon burst into stardom; Keenan Thompson.. stayed. There probably won’t be a whole lot of surprises remaining this decade – but next weekend the show will be hosted by Eddie Murphy. Which is a surprise in itself – it will be the second time he’s even appeared on the show since leaving in the 1980s.

So buckle up for a couple more episodes in the 2010s, and prepare for what the 2020s will bring to SNL – it will be a defining decade for the show, for better or worse.

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