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SNL: Jonah Hill Tapped as Next Host

SNL: Jonah Hill Tapped as Next Host

SNL: Jonah Hill Tapped as Next Host

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE-- "Jonah Hill" -- Episode 1653 --Pictured: Jonah Hill -- (Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


It’s time again for Jonah Hill to host Saturday Night Live as it returns from its short fall hiatus.

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So who is going to upstage him this time? Not a newbie to SNL or hosting it, Jonah Hill returns to 30 Rock to spend some time with the Saturday Night gang and hopefully put on a great show! He was around for a brief moment last year, himself upstaging James Franco’s monologue with his best bud Seth Rogen. It was rude, to say the least. Maybe Franco will get some payback this weekend?

Jonah Hill is a pretty rounded host, with chops in both comedic and dramatic acting – and big chops to boot. Not a measly little karate chop. But, anyway, these malleable-type hosts – people like John Goodman and Alec Baldwin – offer a little bit of a different spin than your typical comedic actor, dramatic actor or stand up comedian. Jonah Hill can bring the same kind of energy that those heavy-hitter and well-regarded-as-hosts actors bring. The good dramatic/comedic actor combos don’t break in sketches, and they know how to delivery a line comedically, not just delivery a comedic line – and you can tell that the writing crew knows the difference. Hill’s almost eligible for the noteworthy Five Timers honour, too (though that’s just not as big of a deal these days as it was when Steve Martin and Buck Henry first got it).

Now, what’s this episode got in store? Well, you might have noticed over the past couple years, Saturday Night Live has been one part sketch comedy show, one part celebrity cameo hour. It was a cameo-laden season opener in September, with Matt Damon, Rachel Dratch, Wendy Williams, and the whole crew Kanye West brought with him, and not to mention the Baldwin appearance in the recent episode (though he’s basically a cast member at this point). It’s likely that one of Hill’s aforementioned bros will crash his episode – and hopefully they’re utilized! Sure, everyone loves the “Hey I’m here in the studio audience” shtick that happens now and again, but everyone really loves the skit-participation cameos. So, if they do go the cameo route this week, hopefully it at least brings around a killer sketch.

At the very least, USA’s midterm elections are just around the corner, so expect a politically-heavy episode this week, with Baldwin likely returning as the infamous President Donald Trump, and hopefully a few more favourites as well, like Beck Bennett’s Mitch McConnell and Kate McKinnon’s Lindsey Graham. Oh, and of course Colin Jost and Michael Che will hit it out of the park on Weekend Update.

Backing up Hill, as musical guest, is Maggie Rogers, a relative newcomer who impressed Pharrell Williams enough to launch her career.

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