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SNL Ends 2020 With Their New Joe Biden for 2021

SNL Ends 2020 With Their New Joe Biden for 2021

SNL Ends 2020 With Their New Joe Biden for 2021


Saturday Night Live is done for this year, but host Kristen Wiig made sure it went out on a high note!


New Role for Old Joe

Jim Carrey announced this weekend that his stint on Saturday Night Live as Joe Biden has come to an end. Don’t panic – things will be fine. SNL has tapped their very own Alex Moffat to take the role. And he premiered last night!

Joe Biden must be the President with the most impersonators on SNL. For a long time, it was exclusively Jason Sudeikis doing Joe Biden. He was on the cast during his Vice Presidency, and would even return as a guest to do the role. Sudeikis’ take didn’t have anything particularly notable about it – it was just Sudeikis doing Sudeikis. Many years later, Woody Harrelson took the role and was great. Then, Sudeikis again, and also John Mulaney for some reason. Most recently, the role was stunt cast with Jim Carrey for a short six-week stint.

Now the role of the President is back in the hands of an actual SNL cast member for the first time in years. Thanks for your service, Alec Baldwin, but it’s good to see the role going to a home player instead of a ringer.


Kristen Wiig Brings Some Holiday Cheer

Kristen Wiig hosted the show, and it’s becoming a thing for her to do a nonsense holiday song with a former cast member from her time during her monologue. When she hosted last in November 2016, she performed a factually-incorrect Thanksgiving song, and was joined by Will Forte. This time around, she bungled My Favorite Things into an incoherent word salad with Maya Rudolph.

It’s a good schtick – but hopefully it won’t be another four years in between her hosting gigs!

That’s all Saturday Night Live has to offer for this year! Like everything else from this year, it will be back in 2021, and it will be better than what this year has had to offer! So stay tuned for new episodes of Saturday Night Live in January 2021 on Global!

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