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SNL doubles down on rappers with Chance the Rapper and Eminem

SNL doubles down on rappers with Chance the Rapper and Eminem

SNL doubles down on rappers with Chance the Rapper and Eminem

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Casey Affleck" Episode 1714 -- Pictured: Musical guest Chance The Rapper performs on December 17, 2016 -- (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


This weekend Saturday Night Live will feature a one-two shot of hip-hop’s biggest stars, with Chance the Rapper hosting and Eminem as musical guest!

Chance is a first-timer when it comes to hosting SNL – though it’s not his first time on the show, nor will it be his first time appearing in sketches. Chance appeared in last year’s Christmas episode, hosted by Casey Affleck, as the musical guest, where he performed a medley of his songs Finish Line and Drown, and Same Drugs. But don’t let Chance’s lack of hosting experience worry you – he’s got it covered when it comes to sketches. He experienced the ways of the late night sketch show when he was musical guest last year, showing up in Keenan Thompson’s farewell 1980s rap tribute to Barack Obama, as well as all three wise men (sort of) in the Christmas pageant sketch.

He does a lot of dancing, doesn’t he? Enough for three people anyway.

Here’s a bit on Chance if you’re not familiar with this week’s host (you should be familiar already, but in case you aren’t…). The 24-year-old rapper has quickly risen to the top of the game over the past few years, becoming one of rap’s biggest names after the release of his debut full-length album, Coloring Book in 2016. Before that, he was hot in the mix tape scene for years, putting in his time and getting well-deserved attention.

For the most part, Chance has little film or television experience – just a couple of sketch shows (including the aforementioned bits from his last appearance on Saturday Night Live) and a one-off voice acting role on an Adult Swim series. But, as mentioned before, he’s already got SNL experience and proved himself good at it – actually, great at it – so he’s already proved himself better than a lot of professional actors, many of whom have flubbed the chance (the Rapper, the nondescript noun) hosting one of New York’s best institutions.

Also on the bill is six-time musical guest Eminem!

Eminem first appeared on Saturday Night Live in October of 2000, but he hasn’t been seen on the show since 2013. Expect to hear his brand new track Walk on Water, and probably something else off his even newer album – so new it’s not even out yet – Revival.

Eminem made headlines earlier in October when he freestyled a four-and-a-half minute criticism against President Donald Trump. And last week on SNL, Pete Davidson got the rapper’s pace and stance down perfect when he impersonated him for the Lion King Screen Test sketch.



It’d be a real treat if, instead of a new track, Eminem freestyled another rant. Or, better yet, scrap that idea and hope that Chance comes out during his set to rap a verse. Big dreams? Maybe. But that’d make it a show to remember.

Be sure to catch Chance the Rapper and Eminem on Saturday Night Live airing Saturday, November 18 at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global, and watch the latest episodes online here on GlobalTV.com!