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SNL: Dave Chappelle Calls Out Trump Post-Biden Victory

SNL: Dave Chappelle Calls Out Trump Post-Biden Victory

SNL: Dave Chappelle Calls Out Trump Post-Biden Victory


Dave Chappelle hosted this weekend’s Saturday Night Live as a significant chapter for the show – and for America – begins to close.


A New Saturday Night Live For a Reset America

Alec Baldwin will be losing his job soon. And he probably couldn’t be happier about it.

For the past four years, Baldwin has impersonated President Trump, soon to be Former President Trump. He’s gone on record saying that he hates doing it. But he did it because he felt fans needed it to manage their pain. But now, he can move on, and allow Jim Carrey to carry the torch of guest President impersonator. Because Weekend Update hot Colin Jost spelled out the source of a nations relief:

“The most important thing about Donald Trump losing this election is that, pretty soon, we will never have to listen to Donald Trump again.”

People don’t have to listen to his policies being enacted. People don’t have to listen to him destroy relationships with allies. And People don’t have to listen to him spew hateful rhetoric.

He’s not gone yet – neither Trump, nor Baldwin. He’ll fuss and fight loads more. But now, the laughter won’t be tainted with fear or panic, but instead will carry the spirit of Jim Carrey’s classic catch phrase: “Loser”.


How Dave Chappelle Reminded America That It’s Not All Better Now

Right after Jim Carrey’s Trump call-out, Dave Chappelle took stage to do the same. He didn’t just call him a loser. He spent time describing why he was a loser. Particularly with how Trump tried to spit-ball COVID-19 cures on national television.

But Chappelle didn’t stop there. And he didn’t stop at Trump. He called for America to step up. Because he said something that the SNL audience wasn’t ready to hear, in response to his friend stating that the world feels like a safer place. He said “America doesn’t.” Then he moved onto America’s lacing healthcare plan – a plan that Biden has been vocal about not wanting to improve. And he moved on to white Americans taking care of each other, while other communities suffer.

The audience was eager to rejoice – there is a lot to rejoice over, taking a large step away from fascism. But Dave Chappelle wanted to remind everyone that for most of America, the fight isn’t over. And that’s not including Trump vowing to steal back the Presidency over the coming months.

On Weekend Update, Michael Che likened Saturday, the day Trump lost, to a scene in The Shawshank Redemption. The prisoners are on the roof, enjoying some cold beer – and in that moment, in the film, for the characters, everything seems alright. But they’re still in prison, and once the warm sun sets, they have to go back to their cells.

So while the celebrations continue, it’s important to remember, that that is how many Americans are feeling this weekend.

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