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SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns for Kanye Meeting

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns for Kanye Meeting

SNL: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Returns for Kanye Meeting


The Seth Meyers-hosted Saturday Night Live marks the return of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump.

This weekend’s SNL paid particular attention to Donald Trump and Kanye West’s meeting, with Baldwin appearing in the cold open as Donald Trump for the third season running, now. It’s usually the same shtick – in a situation that was in the news cycle recently, Trump blunders through without self awareness. Art imitating life. But this week’s Baldwin/Trump cold open took a bit of a different turn. Meeting with Kanye West (played by Chris Redd), Trump observed himself in the narcissistic, unhinged pop star.

Art imitating life? Unfortunately probably not this time around. But, it does say something that the gang at Saturday Night Live thinks that with Trump and Kanye in a room together, Kanye’s the one to worry about. But, they did get 100% unfiltered Kanye just a couple of weeks ago, so they have experience to go on.

It’s good to see Baldwin back – and good to see him show up in the third episode. There’s been a bit of cameo-exhaustion on SNL the past year or so, and the cast needs a little leg room to get the season started. They’re the ones carrying it to the finish line!

Seth Meyers returned to SNL to host this episode. After writing hundreds of monologues over his 12 years on the show, the former head writer, former Weekend Update anchor finally got to deliver one this time. Thankfully, no song and dance – you know the song and dance monologues are coming, it’s just not Meyers’ style. Meyers did the best thing he could do for his monologue: he told some old SNL stories. Even better than that, they were about his interactions with Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Granted, that was back before Trump was nothing more than a catch phrase and Kanye was only questionably stable. But it certainly puts them into perspective – Meyers has talked about that sketch openly before. Sitting opposite of him and Trump are Jimmy Fallon and Horatio Sanz doing what they do best: bombing a sketch. Meyers has reported that Trump took his duty as SNL host extremely seriously – so sufficed to say he wasn’t impressed with Fallon’s and Sanz’s constant snickering.

Now, he’s probably used to it.

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