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Saturday Night Live Provides Election Town Hall Coverage… Sort Of

Saturday Night Live Provides Election Town Hall Coverage… Sort Of

Saturday Night Live Provides Election Town Hall Coverage… Sort Of


Saturday Night Live brought back their two ringers Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin to go head-to-head as Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the Issa Rae-hosted episode.


Saturday Night Live’s Take on the Town Halls

First: the rundown.

Jim Carrey is back, three weeks running. They did something with his makeup this week, and he looks exactly like Biden. Or maybe it’s just Carrey’s rubber face having rearranged itself to look like ol’ Fightin’ Joe. Maya Rudolph showed up again, for her usual Kamala Harris walk-on (and to participate in a run-of-the-mill live sketch later in the show!). And big bad Baldwin five season running as President Trump came by to do his vacuum faced thing.

As if last week’s homage to The Fly wasn’t bonkers enough, here we have Biden cycling through days-past TV personalities Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross, while Trump faces off in a wrestling match against his moderator. Though who’s going to pass up watching Trump get slammed with a folding chair?

The amount of episodes left for Carrey and Baldwin to reasonably appear alongside each other is dwindling. We’ve only got to see them on camera together once, during the season premier. Yes, realistically Biden and Trump won’t be in the same building together for the foreseeable future, but it’s not like Saturday Night Live is going for realism anymore. These two Hollywood heavyweights need to share some dialogue before one of them gets voted out.


How Saturday Night Live Sees Canadian Culture

This weekend, us Canadians got to see ourselves through the eyes of the Saturday Night Live crew. And if they’re a fair representation of how the rest of America views Canada, then… then so many things make so much sense now.

For starters, there are some wires crossed here – a lot of these tropes are French tropes. As in, from France. That’s not going to land well in Quebec.

Second, everyone in Toronto knows someone who knows Drake. So his spottings aren’t big news. Though the Degrassi reference was a nice touch.

This moment is a bit ironic as well – Drake’s rival for the title of “Most Famous Canadian Pop Musician” Justin Bieber was the evening’s musical guest.

Maybe even more ironic, is that some of Saturday Night Live‘s biggest stars over the years are Canadian. Dan Aykroyd, Mike Meyers, Phil Hartman and Norm Macdonald, to name a few. Heck, even the night’s guest, Jim Carrey, is from Newmarket! And for the kicker? Lorne Michaels himself is from Toronto – he even got his start in television on the CBC.


It seems like Saturday Night Live’s response to the boiling pot of American politics is to get zany. Well, the pot is about to boil over, so bring on the zaniness!

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