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RuPaul Drags and Democrats Debate on Saturday Night Live

RuPaul Drags and Democrats Debate on Saturday Night Live

RuPaul Drags and Democrats Debate on Saturday Night Live


It was a “Shantay, You Stay” for Saturday Night Live when RuPaul played host this weekend!

RuPaul attacked SNL like he does everything – with extreme energy and endearing hostility. His monologue roasted the show and New York – his former home – and it was a real hit. RuPaul glided through the episode in and out of drag with his trademark style and sass.

But the real target was a series of children’s books. In a sketch with Ru playing himself, he fully misunderstands when he is invited to “read” to a group of children.

You don’t invite a drag queen to an event and expect to not have some reading being done. The real misunderstanding here is on the organizers, not RuPaul.

It seemed as though the cast was all too eager to work among RuPaul, and the rest of the crew too. The series of sketches fit his style perfectly. And he gave his entire self to them.

Meanwhile, on the political side of Saturday Night Live, they paraded their half full of cameos list of Democratic nominees out for the cold open. While in real live Bernie slayed and Biden flopped, on SNL nobody walked away looking good.

Larry David was there, playing himself (which just happens to also be exactly like Bernie Sanders). Rachel Dratch showed up as Amy Klobuchar. And unfortunately, it looks like the days of Biden being played by Woody Harrelson are over because for the second time in a row this season Biden was played by Jason Sudeikis.

But they, and the SNL cast members, played their parts well, as a group of seemingly delusional or unstable politicians.

In a way, all of these performers are potentially vying for the cushy Alec Baldwin gig – you know, the one where he gets to show up and basically be a cast member to play Donald Trump? Politics aside, Larry David seems like the obvious one to root for. But obviously supporting a candidate solely to see more of how they’re portrayed on Saturday Night Live would be ludicrous… right?

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