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Regina King Hypes Up Saturday Night Live

Regina King Hypes Up Saturday Night Live

Regina King Hypes Up Saturday Night Live


Oscar winner Regina King hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and hyped up the house with help from Keenan Thompson!


Get Hyped for Regina King

Regina King is an exciting get for Saturday Night Live. She a phenomenal actor (and Oscar winner, mind you) and every bit deserving of mass amounts of hype.

But, as one can understand, King was a bit nervous hosting the show. It’s an institution, and great honour, and broadcast live across the country! Even the most hardened stomachs should experience a few butterflies. But she did a phenomenal job all through out the show, so something must have happened between the monologue and the second sketch…

And that something was Keenan Thompson. SNL‘s resident guy (literally, it’s like he lives there or may as well he’s been on the show for so long) came out to lend King a hand. He was her warmup guy. Her hype man. And not only did it work, but it was a joy!

Keenan is pretty much SNL‘s hype man anyway. He’s so frequently used in sketches just to punctuate the lead’s jokes with a reaction or comment. There’s definitely something to this for him.


Shadows of the GOP

Last week, US Government officials voted on whether or not to impeach Trump. To no one’s surprise, he got off again. Mostly due to GOP members towing party line – still fawning over a traitor who isn’t even President anymore.

But this is big news, as Trump is the only President to go through impeachment hearings twice, and he did it with only one term. And of course, Saturday Night Live has no choice but to relentlessly mock the snakes and snails who allowed for this miscarriage of justice to happen.

It’s fine. This is fine. He can just run for President again in four years. Nothing to worry about.

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