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Rami Malek Makes The Switch From Villainy To Comedy on SNL

Rami Malek Makes The Switch From Villainy To Comedy on SNL

Rami Malek Makes The Switch From Villainy To Comedy on SNL


Rami Malek hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and he went from one of film’s most villainous scumbags to comedy legend in no time flat!


The Resting-Villain-Faced Host

Rami Malek was not shy about how he’s been type-cast into evil-doers in his films. And being James Bond’s biggest baddie in the most recent Bond film No Time To Die doesn’t help that. But villains win Oscars apparently – just ask Anthony Hopkins, Ian McKellan and Meryl Streep.

Villain or not, he’s kinda charming in that suspiciously malicious kind of way. Where you’re not sure if he’s going to offer you a light or tie you up and pry your finger nails off. Probably not the latter, but, you know. Be careful.

Malek was a hit on Saturday Night Live despite not previously having much comedic experience. He hit the comedic timing of his monologue so naturally, which is streets ahead of so many hosts who try to make the jump from Oscar bait films to rowdy & low brow live sketch comedy.


Impersonating Your Impersonator

In what looks to be a sketch where SNL is trying to one-up itself over Celebrity Jeopardy, eight celebrity impersonations are crammed into a fake game show. The weirdest part, though, is that it has Rami Malek impersonating Pete Davidson, and Pete Davidson impersonating Rami Malek. Which is confusing for multiple reasons, not least among them being that neither are really accurate. But still, pretty funny.

Confusing meta-casting aside, it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to have John Oliver sexually harass Adam Driver, though. If you’ve seen Last Week Tonight at least once in the past year, you know it’s one of his favourite things to do.

Rami Malek would be a welcomed back host any time, and people would be wise to drop what they’re doing and tune in to his episodes. Or even catch his sketches after the fact – why don’t you, dear reader, try it now, here on GlobalTV.com!

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