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Old Friend of Saturday Night Live Jason Sudeikis Returns To Host

Old Friend of Saturday Night Live Jason Sudeikis Returns To Host

Old Friend of Saturday Night Live Jason Sudeikis Returns To Host


Jason Sudeikis returns to Saturday Night Live once again!


The Returners

Okay, so it’s always a lot of fun to have a former cast member host the show. Jason Sudeikis was first on the show in 2003, and if you’re just now realizing that was almost 20 years ago don’t worry because you’re not alone in your existential crisis. 

But he quickly popped to the forefront of the cast, and has since starred in many films and TV shows, with and without his contemporary SNL buds. He left in 2013, and is currently enjoying critical acclaim for his titulature role in the new feel-good hit comedy Ted Lasso

However, Sudeikis is fondly remembered for his recurring roles on SNL: Jon Bovi (the opposite of Bon Jovi alongside Will Forte), the Male A-Hole (alongside Kristen Wiig) and Satan, popping up on Weekend Update to hassle the correspondents. 

But, now hear me out when I say this, I think it’s universal to say that his most loved character was Dancing Guy from What Up With That. Not a word was spoken, but with his running man, and his chicken wing, and his mashed potato, he said so much.

Keenan Thompson is still in the cast, and fans have been begging for a return of What Up With That? Is it in the cards with Sudeikis hosting this weekend? Probably not, because they skipped over it last time WUWT essential cast member Bill Hader hosted. 

But – never give up hope.


Sunday Morning Late

Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to catch every episode of Saturday Night Live right as its airing. Now of course, Saturday Night Live is always best viewed live. There’s something about being a part of the massive audience, experiencing this weekly live performance as it airs. It’s fresh for everyone, and you get to see the little slips that happen every so often that don’t necessarily make it to the rebroadcast or online.

But life happens. Maybe you fell asleep before 11.30. Or maybe it’s a friend’s birthday, which is pretty important. Or you had an medical emergency. Who knows! There are literally thousands of reasons that you might accidentally miss Saturday Night Live, as much as that sentiment might break you heart.

Well good news superfans because it’s super simple and easy to catch all that you missed on Sunday morning! And the best place to see those missed episodes is actually here on GlobalTV.com! And even if you did watch Saturday Night Live live, you can re-view your favourite sketches anytime! So this weekend at 11.30 et/8.30 pt, do your darndest to catch SNL on Global. And if not, see you Sunday morning!

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