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Live Feed Spoilers: The winner of Part One of the Final HoH is…

Live Feed Spoilers: The winner of Part One of the Final HoH is…

Live Feed Spoilers: The winner of Part One of the Final HoH is…

Julie Chen Moonves. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Matt has secured a spot in the final phase of the final HoH of the season.

Matt won the first part of the three part final Head of Household on Sunday night in what appears to be the traditional Big Brother swinging, endurance competition in which they had to hang from ropes or some sort of apparatus.

Bowie Jane and Jag now must compete in the second round and whomever wins will face Matt in the third and final round. Whomever is the final Head of Household will decide who joins the jury and who sits beside them in front of the jury.

Apparently, the trio went out into the backyard at 11:00 PM their time and finished up the competition at approximately 3:00 AM.

“How about that hair?” asked Bowie Jane from the shower to Matt who was sitting in the bathroom.

“That is what me and Jag were saying. That was so random,” said Matt.

“It was so random!” shouted Bowie Jane.

“It didn’t change the game at all. I think it was just for the funny part,” said Matt.

“It was just annoying,” said Bowie Jane.

“The hair actually kept me warm. I didn’t brush it all because it was keeping me warm. I just needed it off my face is all,” said Matt.

Matt told Bowie Jane that the competition was so cold and his hands are raw from it.

Later in the kitchen, Bowie Jane and Matt agreed that not many of the former houseguests like America or Cory would have been good at the competition. They also agreed that the cold was a major factor in the competition. Matt continued to pick at the sores on his hands.

When Matt was called into the Diary Room, Jag exited and spoke with Bowie Jane. He too was massaging his hands.

“Damn! I really fumbled that one,” he said. “He won.”

Taylor Hale and Julie Chen Moonves. Hale was a special guest on last night’s live eviction episode. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Bowie Jane was sure if Felicia had stayed she would have dropped off early on.

“You think I didn’t think that? I was like: Oh, f—k!” said Jag.

“It was still the right thing to do,” said Bowie Jane insisting that if Felicia had stayed she would have been in everyone ear constantly.

“I had to do what I felt was right at the time. What happened later doesn’t change what was right at that time,” said Jag of his decision to keep Matt.

Jag said that keeping Felicia would have been the “coward’s way out”.

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