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Live Feed Spoilers: Veto winner’s decision weighs on them and the entire house

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto winner’s decision weighs on them and the entire house

Live Feed Spoilers: Veto winner’s decision weighs on them and the entire house


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Power of Veto winner Jag will make the most important decision of his Big Brother game tonight on a special live eviction episode.

Jag’s sole vote will determine if Matt or Felicia joins him and Bowie Jane in the final Head of Household competition. Bowie Jane is the Head of Household and she nominated Matt and Felicia.

Bowie Jane gave Jag some advice as they spoke early this morning.

“I think I know which way you are landing,” said Bowie about Jag’s big decision. She believes he is going to take Felicia and vote out Matt.

“If you speak to Matt beforehand just tell him this is a game,” she said.

“Honestly, maybe he deserves to hear the reasoning,” said Jag. “I might in a brief way say there have been a lot of times when you have chosen to look after yourself and not me. For once in this game I am going to make a decision to look after myself too. I hope you can understand that.”

In the bathroom, Felicia gave one final pitch to Jag.

“All I have is a sense of who I am and that is going to be part of my speech today. I haven’t ever lied to you and I am saying that truthfully. I am telling Matt the same thing I am telling you. At some point, you have to take out Matt or he has to take out you. That is how you guys can get to the end,” said Felicia saying she fed a lot of information to him that she didn’t tell Matt.

“I have a stronger sense of loyalty to you,” said Felicia. “If I land in the final three and I have to make a decision I will roll with you. That is my God-honest truth. I want you to know that and that’s nothing against Bowie Jane.”

“It is a huge decision for me to make. Up until this point, it is the heaviest decision for me to make. I was up thinking about it for most of the night. This is a big deal. I am not voting with the house. I am the house. I am the one vote,” said Jag.

“You are the sole vote,” Felicia confirmed.

“There is more for me to think about. I am not going to tell you what it is or what I am going to say or do because I frankly don’t know myself. I wish it was black or white,” he said about his choice.

The special live eviction episode airs at 10:00 PM, ET, on Global Television tonight.

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