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SNL: Liev Schreiber to Break Post-Election Ice on Saturday Night Live

SNL: Liev Schreiber to Break Post-Election Ice on Saturday Night Live

SNL: Liev Schreiber to Break Post-Election Ice on Saturday Night Live

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Liev Schreiber attends the "Ray Donovan" Season 6 Premiere during the 2018 Tribeca TV Festival at Spring Studios on September 23, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)


Liev Schreiber is all-set to host this week’s Saturday Night Live,the first after the big midterm elections in the USA.

That’s a big responsibility to bear, no matter in what direction the elections happened to go in. It going to be a politically-heavy show, so they’ll need someone at the top of their game to bring them through…

Yeah, he’s up to it. It’s his first time at SNL, and he’s not exactly known for his comedic roles, but he seems like the adaptable-kind-of-guy who can just make it work because he’s Leiv Schreiber and he wants to make it work.

But, how about those midterm elections, anyway? There were some upsets, some predictable wins, but it’s safe to say that these midterms have had more attention on them in the lead up than any other midterms before. And that’s all because of one man – yes, obviously Donald Trump. Because of his polarizing policies, people came out in droves to vote for/against him – it wasn’t so much about the person running, but rather what party they were for/against.

So, with Trump being the focus/not focus of the recent election, does that mean he’ll make an appearance on SNL? Well, not him, but his other self, Alec Baldwin?

It’s hard to say – Baldwin is probably ducking out of the public eye these days after having recently assaulted someone over a parking spot. But Baldwin has proved unflappable from bad publicity, especially on Saturday Night Live – after the horrible voicemail he left his daughter in 2007, he made a glib joke about it the next time he hosted. Saturday Night Live even poked at him over the recent allegations last week, while also making a pretty great call-back joke to the infamous Adam Sandler boy scout sketch.

Baldwin will be back as Trump – unless they pull Darrell Hammond out of retirement, there’s no one currently on the show who can do it. Plus, Baldwin’s finally found the sweet spot with it, in terms of how intense to go and how frequently to do it. It’s his SNL character now, and only his.

Then there’s Lil Wayne, the perpetually hard of hearing musical guest. This guy better get some sketch time, because he’s pretty funny at all times. Lil Wayne is up there for celebrities that SNL has unabashedly, but playfully, mocked over the years. It’s time to bring that home and let Lil Wayne do some of the mocking himself.

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