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John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL for the Third Year Running

John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL for the Third Year Running

John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL for the Third Year Running


Saturday Night Live’s newest favourite son John Mulaney is back to host SNL for the third season in a row!

With musical guest David Byrne (yes, the David Byrne of the Talking Heads) and home-run host John Mulaney, Saturday Night Live’s Leap Day return is going to be a banger!

John Mulaney is a former writer at SNL, and more recently a hard-working comedian, voice actor, Broadway star and content creator. He’s in good form these days, and while Mulaney doesn’t have anything specific to promote, he’s quickly becoming another Christopher Walken, John Goodman or Alec Baldwin. You know, a guy who shows up to host SNL for a few seasons straight just because they’re good at it.

Since his first time hosting two years ago (!!!) Mulaney has been a continually rising star in the the comedy scene. His last performance on SNL involved some God-tier stand-up for his monologue, a “Toilet Death Ejector” product commercial and a classic Chad pre-tape.

But in his initial appearance in 2018, he did this delightful drag sketch:

So, there’s a lot to expect from a John Mulaney episode. Maybe a cameo from a cast member during his writers years (early 2010s – he created Stefan with Bill Hader, remember?). Another Chad sketch would be nice, since he and Pete Davidson are bestest best buds (though we did get a Chad sketch in the recent RuPaul episode). Maybe some long-buried sketches that didn’t quite make it the first time around he pitched them (after all, that’s where the instant hit Diner Lobster came from).

Either way, John Mulaney really brings out the best in the cast and the whole crew at SNL. He’s able to add an energy that most hosts aren’t simply because his relationship with the show – and that he seems like such a swell guy.

So if you missed John Mulaney in 2018 and 2019, he’s back for your convenience and everyone’s delight. Don’t miss him for a third time!

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