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John Krasinski Throws Back to The Office on SNL

John Krasinski Throws Back to The Office on SNL

John Krasinski Throws Back to The Office on SNL


Saturday Night Live returns from a long winter hiatus, with host John Krasinski giving fans what they really want – lots of The Office references!

A lot has happened over the past month-and-a-half SNL has been on hiatus. New year. New COVID strains. New President. Failed coup to prevent the new President. Trump was banned from nearly all social media platforms.

Lots to talk about and lots to laugh about – because laughing is easier than crying, and these days you’ve gotta chose one. And SNL did their job. That satirized what needed to be – but you know what? They also provided an escape from that nonsense. Because we’re so saturated with terrible things happened, they threw out a life preserver, so we can float on and laugh at John Krasinski, who, despite becoming a massively successful filmmaker and actor over the past eight years, still can’t get away from that Steve Carell show.


First, It’s John, not Jim…

John Krasinski is best known for his nine-year stint as Jim Halpert on NBC’s The Office. And with the show being readily streamable these days, his role as Jim is only growing in popularity – despite The Office having ended eight years ago.

So when Krasinski showed up to give his hosting monologue, it turned into a spontaneous Q&A session – with the questioners mistaking him for Jim. Krasinski resisted, initially. But then he delivered, with some encouragement from Pete Davidson.

They gave the fans what they wanted – Jim and Pam together again, embracing in a tender kiss. Except the part of Pam was played by Pete Davidson. It’s fine for now, but he really doesn’t have the range for the role.

That doesn’t follow social distancing protocols, by the way.


Will you be able to unhear The Office theme song lyrics?

Saturday Night Live provided an unusual spin on their classic quick-succession celebrity impersonation sketches. This one has celebrities singing the theme songs to their hit shows, with nonsense lyrics. From Julie Andrews describing 1990s-style screensavers in the Bridgerton theme to Anya Taylor-Joy singing about the wonders of playing chess while drugged up, these new lyrics outline the very base premise of the shows quite well. And of course, there’s John Krasinski, who does a stream-of-consciousness singover of The Offices’ opening credits.

Gotta say, Jim’s not that good of a singer.

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