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Jason Sudeikis Brings Back His SNL Hall Of Fame Characters

Jason Sudeikis Brings Back His SNL Hall Of Fame Characters

Jason Sudeikis Brings Back His SNL Hall Of Fame Characters


This past weekend Saturday Night Live was more of a walk down memory lane as Jason Sudeikis reprised all his favourite roles from his time as a cast member!


How Many Bidens Is Too Many Bidens?

There have been so many Bidens on SNL! Joe Biden has had a lot of impersonators – probably more than any president before. Sudeikis was the first, having played him since 2008 when he was just regular ol’ VP Biden. Since then, there’s been a whole line of impersonators: Woody Harrelson, Jim Carrey, John Mulaney, Alex Moffat, and most recently, newbie James Austin Johnson. That’s a buncha Bidens.

So, with Sudeikis hosting, and Moffat and Johnson in the cast, why not take the opportunity to have three Bidens on screen at once? It worked well with Trump – right (if you don’t remember, when he hosted in 2015, he appeared on stage alongside Darryl Hammond and Taran Killam as their respective Trumps)?

Maybe in retrospect, no, it didn’t work and people were rightfully upset about that episode.

Three Bidens is probably enough, any more than that at one time might be overkill.


Finally: What Up With That? Is BACK!

In addition to being Biden (and the Devil on Weekend Update), Sudeikis pulled out his most sought after, most desired return sketch of the past decade: What Up With That?

This ridiculous, one-joke but still hilarious sketch has been requested every time one of the regulars hosts or appears on the show. It’s been a long time coming, and honestly, it’s well worth the wait.

Even Fred Armisen came by for some sexy saxman playing. The only thing noticeably and sadly missing is Bill Hader’s Lindsey Buckingham – but hey, at least Keenan Thompson, Armisen and Sudeikis could get together for the first WUWT in over five years!

Another lovely episode of SNL with one of its best cast members of the past few decades. What more could you ask more? Another new episode? Well, tough, you’ll have to wait a bit longer than usual as SNL returns live Saturday November 6 att 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global!

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