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Issa Rae Will Host This Weekend’s Saturday Night Live!

Issa Rae Will Host This Weekend’s Saturday Night Live!

Issa Rae Will Host This Weekend’s Saturday Night Live!


This weekend, Saturday Night Live will feature first-time host Issa Rae and musical guest Justin Bieber!


Saturday Night Alive

It’s a good time for Saturday Night Live. Current American politics basically write sketches for them. They’ve got an all-star cast of regular cameos in Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey and Maya Rudolph. And they’re having their most successful season in years! Saturday Night Live established itself a long time ago as a warm, comforting place for viewers to go to. Not necessarily to escape the dread of reality – far from it, because SNL frequently borrows current events and twists them into something we can all laugh at. People keep returning to SNL because it’s familiar, and it’s a gates-open community. Like cheering for your favourite sports teams, you can embrace the comradery that we all share in laughter.

And times like this – with bumbling fascism rising up and a killer pandemic sweeping the world – we need community. And just because we can’t watch together, doesn’t mean we can’t watch together. Like this month’s new hit reality show, or the next season of HBO’s big-budget flagship series, we come together to discuss Saturday Night Live.

“Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden is spot-on!”

“It’s so great to see Maya Rudolph on SNL again.”

“Did you hear Bill Burr’s outrageous monologue?”

“Can you believe this is Keenan Thompson’s 18th season?”

These are just a few of the conversations we’ve been having the past two weeks. And as the world and American politics boils over this and next month, Saturday Night Live will be there for us to gather together, experience together, and talk together. And that’s important, because right now, there are too many things keeping us apart.


Your Next Host: Issa Rae

This weekend, on October 17, Issa Rae will host her first SNL episode! Known for her current hit series Insecure, Issa Rae will tear up 30 Rockefeller Center for this season’s third episode. Supporting her, as musical guest, is many-time returner Justin Bieber.

It’ll be a hit for sure, so don’t miss it this Saturday at 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global!

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