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HoH: ‘This game is wide open’

HoH: ‘This game is wide open’

HoH: ‘This game is wide open’


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The new HoH, Pressure Cooker winner Cameron, has a plan to mix things up and he knows who he wants to do it with.

The first part of that plan was nominating Jag and Blue for eviction.

Cameron sees this week as a turning point in the game. He knows he and others are expendable and wants to form a new dominant alliance of himself, Matt, Red, Bowie, Cory and America.

Cameron let Jag know that he and Blue are going on the block.

“Here is what I will say, the chats we have had are 100 percent honest. I know things have to happen and I truly mean this, I hold nothing against you,” said Jag responding to the news.

“I wouldn’t do anything shifty or dumb or lie to you. You f—–g fight. I truly love you. This is a hard ass game. I have had a lot to deal with over the last two weeks,” said Cameron.

“There is a path moving forward. If I don’t make a move right now it will ostracize both sides of the house and it will make the divide deeper. There is a path moving forward,” he told Jag.

Meeting with America, Cameron promised that he is honouring the deal they made in the Pressure Cooker. He is not nominating her this week.

“This is the move I have to make for the house. This is the first week we have to play the game. The lines Hisam drew are disappearing. There are pockets of people who think they are part of something bigger and they aren’t. The lines are blurred and the game is wide open. I have buddies and I want to build something with you. If I don’t put these two up the house will come after me,” he told America. “There are options that could blow this thing wide open. I don’t want to be reckless.”

Cameron explained that they trust in and want to work with the same people like Matt and Cory.

America is tired of doing “what the house wants” which is really just want one faction wants.

When Cory met with Cameron he revealed how right before this week’s vote Felicia, Izzy and Cirie pondered switching the vote to him all because Cameron didn’t pack his suitcase as most nominated people do just in case they are evicted.

Cameron let Blue know she is will be nominated this week.

“It is the name of the game so I don’t hold it against you,” said Blue hugging him.

“This when we start playing the game. People I felt close to last week, I don’t feel so close to them now. I don’t think they are happy I won this,” he said of his current alliance mates.

“This game is wide open,” he repeated.

He also let Matt in on the plan as well and his feelings about the alliance they are currently in.

“You saw the people sitting here. You saw those eight people sitting here. That is going to fall apart. In that group there are three or four people that are very tight. We’re expendable. Red is expendable. Bowie is expendable. They don’t need us,” said Cameron.

“I am seeing it too,” said Matt.

Cameron floated his idea of an alliance with Matt, Red, Bowie, Cory and America.

“What about Mecole?” asked Matt.

“She won’t go against them,” said Cameron.

Matt then asked about Jared.

“I love Jared but I don’t think we can get him. This week he is going to show which way he wants to go,” said Cameron.

Finally, Cameron met with his closest ally Red.

“Izzy was fake as s—t but she was guarded,” said Cameron of his conversation with Izzy.

“The fact is we are her least favourite people in the house. She isn’t making any kind of effort. I can see that. We don’t click for whatever reason. I have tried,” Red said of Izzy.

“She will never be our fan. She will never take us past any of the people she is already aligned with. We are at the bottom of her trust list and the top of her hit list. If things went sideways this week we could blow the lid off this house and get an annoying person out,” said Cameron.

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