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Hisam: ‘I was talking a lot and not listening’

Hisam: ‘I was talking a lot and not listening’

Hisam: ‘I was talking a lot and not listening’

Hisam Goueli and Cirie Fields. Photo: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Hisam Goueli is the first to admit that he didn’t play the perfect Big Brother game. Throughout his challenge wins and turbulent HoH reign, Hisam made some fatal mistakes that he knows cost him his game, especially his Power of Veto ceremony speech.

John Powell: It’s nice to be talking to you today. How you doing?

Hisam Goueli: I’m doing okay. Thank you!

John Powell: You have had some time to ruminate about things. Who do you most feel betrayed by?

Hisam Goueli: I think that I feel most betrayed by Felicia. I think that I had conversations with her about why I felt that way. Just in clear transparency I have an affinity for older adults. I’m really passionate about taking care of older adults. I felt that affinity for her. Right when I met her she actually reminded me a little bit of my mom and her feistiness and so to be betrayed by her really hurt. Ultimately, she controls that decision, right? She decides who the replacement nominee is. Although she’s working with a group of people she eventually holds the responsibility.

John Powell: You got some feedback on your HoH. It rubbed some people the wrong way. At the time, did you get any sense that it was going that way? Did you get any feeling from people? Did anybody say anything to you?

Hisam Goueli: I felt like I was talking a lot and not listening. I thought in my HoH it was pretty clear what the target was so I’m not sure I necessarily needed a lot of feedback because Reilly had clearly mentioned my name. I explained that to the Professors.

Hisam Goueli. Photo: CBS.

I think sometimes people need to be heard which I didn’t do a great job of…My veto meeting with Riley, I feel terrible about and apologized for immediately afterwards. I just sort of overstepped or crossed a boundary…I underestimated the intensity of the situation and how I would handle those types of situations. You’re working with the best set of equipment you have and when you make a mistake, you have to examine it. I felt like I did that but the problem is once you get people to feel a certain way, they feel a certain way. Sometimes you can’t fix that. It just takes time. In the Big Brother game you don’t have the luxury of time to heal the wounds. If I stayed a couple of months later than yes, it could have been forgotten but it couldn’t be forgotten in a week. I made that mistake and basically gives people a reason to target me. In addition, I had done a lot to win, to basically protect my alliance and put those two things together and you see me backdoored and out of that house.

John Powell: What do you think your fatal flaw was in the game was?

Hisam Goueli: My fatal flaw was that veto meeting. People felt like she (Reilly) was already down and they felt I kicked her while she was down. That was not my intention. My intention was to be clear, and to explain, and to also offer what I wanted but sometimes, the intent is not the impact. That was my mistake. That mistake eventually cost me the game and led me to being evicted.

Hisam Goueli. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: Speaking of Reilly I talked to her last week. She actually was a good sport about everything. She said to me that she hoped you would go far in the game. What do you think about that?

Hisam Goueli: I thought Reilly was a great player too. I had tried to work with Reilly but she had already decided who she wanted to work with and it didn’t include me. The truth of the matter was that multiple times I tried to talk to Reilly about working together. She just wasn’t open to it. She had already made up her mind. I think that Reilly was a great player. I think that the two of us being evicted so soon is sad because I think we would have made great players moving forward. People have asked me like who do I want to win the game? I don’t know because the game was so heavily Reilly and me. The truth of the matter is I don’t know what will happen next, which is exciting. It will be exciting to see what happens next.

John Powell: We saw you with The Professors but of course you were also wheeling and dealing with some other players just to make sure that you had those parachutes and that reassurance. How dedicated were you to the Professors Alliance?

Hisam Goueli: One hundred percent. I would have taken them to the end and that’s the truth. I was very proud to be a Professor. I was with them a hundred percent. What you may not have seen is I was literally going to them and counting things in the house and telling them I was helping them remember things. I wanted us all to go very far. I was giving information freely. I was strategizing freely. I wasn’t holding anything back. I wasn’t trying to be dishonest. I was really being forthcoming to demonstrate that I was loyal.

John Powell: You found out the truth about Cirie and Jared. Looking back now, were there any clues that you know that relationship was there?

Hisam Goueli: They are doing a great job of hiding it! To be honest, I wasn’t really paying that much attention to that because I was paying more attention to the people I was working with. I was paying attention to how we keep all of us safe. I figured I would keep my people safe and I would move them forward in the game and I would protect them as much as possible. Sometimes those other details get missed.

John Powell: I’m going to let you have a little get-back here. Who do you hope follows you out next?

Hisam Goueli: I hope Cameron comes next. Why Cameron? Cameron is the one who basically gave me Reilly’s name. He instigates big targets getting out of the house with just subtle words. It’d be nice to see Cameron fall but I know he’s HoH so he’s not coming.

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