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Elon Musk Hosts Saturday Night Live with Awkward Charm

Elon Musk Hosts Saturday Night Live with Awkward Charm

Elon Musk Hosts Saturday Night Live with Awkward Charm


This weekend, tech billionaire and SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted Saturday Night Live!


Musk’s Monologue

While not the first sketch of the evening, Elon Musk’s monologue was going to set the tone for the episode. The audience was curious how the notably curt and socially clumsy Musk would do performing in front of live audience.

While he was visibly nervous, he managed to keep his cool better than some other non-actors who have hosted. Once his jokes started to land, he eased up and went with it. Sure, he was not-super-humble during his monologue, and claimed to be the first host diagnosed with Asperger syndrome (which is inaccurate; former cast member and host Dan Aykroyd has also been diagnosed).

All-in-all, Musk did a very good job at setting the tone for the episode. The audience knew the rest of his appearances would be a bit clunky. And they were, but the SNL cast was there to do the heavy lifting around him – a very common approach when a non-performer celebrity hosts the show.


Musk Plays Evil Plumber Who Hoards Coins

In a Super Mario themed sketch, Musk plays the anti-hero Wario, accused of murdering Mario. It might be worth pointing out that there is some serious wealth hoarding problems in the Mario universe – intentional or not by this sketch’s writers, it certainly hit the mark.

But the sketch also gave opportunity to have Musk’s partner, Canadian musician Grimes, appear as Princess Peach (who for some reason also has an Italian-American accent, which has never been present in the Mario games). Fortunately for Musk and Grimes, Mikey Day and Kyle Mooney were able to keep the sketch moving between the guests’ lines.

Elon Musk made it through the episode relatively unscathed. Many hosts with controversies often call attention to it. Alec Baldwin made light of the abusive voicemail he left his daughter. And about the physical confrontation he got in over a parking spot. Well, maybe Alec Baldwin has a problem. But the lack of mention over Musk’s hosting controversy is so blaringly loud, that it must have been a sore spot for him.

Saturday Night Live returns next week May 15 with Keegan-Michael Key as host and Olivia Rodrigo as musical guest! Don’t miss it, 11.30 et/8.30 pt on Global!

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