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Survivor’s Elizabeth Olson is Amazed by Carl’s Betrayal & Alison’s Edit

Survivor’s Elizabeth Olson is Amazed by Carl’s Betrayal & Alison’s Edit

Survivor’s Elizabeth Olson is Amazed by Carl’s Betrayal & Alison’s Edit


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

For most Survivor players the most stunning revelations occur when they sit down each week like the rest of us fans and watch the episodes unfold. Secret alliances, secret plans and secret moves are revealed for all to see.

For die-hard fan and the first member of this season’s jury, Elizabeth Olson, there are many things that stand out for her after watching Survivor: David vs. Goliath play out. The first was even though she understood why the David Alliance eventually voted her out, she had no idea that Carl Boudreaux was vehemently lobbying everyone back at camp to do so.

“I felt like it was the right thing for them (the David Alliance) to do but I was surprised Carl was gunning for me so quickly after the merger. I felt like he should have tested the waters before jumping all in with the enemy. It made him look kind of foolish,” she surmised.


On the island, Elizabeth only realized Carl had indeed turned on her in the middle of Tribal Council when she was trying to gather enough votes to stay.

“I did not know he was lobbying against me. I became aware of that in the middle of tribal. I was going around and whispering and when I got to Carl he wouldn’t have anything to do with me. He even said that out loud. That was devastating! At that point it wasn’t just a Goliath vote that I had to switch to get the numbers,” Elizabeth recalled.

Another aspect of this season that has thrown her for a loop is Alison Raybould’s edit. From Elizabeth’s point of view, Alison was playing a very strong game, one of the best Elizabeth has ever seen. Elizabeth even compared her to Kim Spradlin, the winner of Survivor: One World and that installment’s Player of the Season as voted on by the viewers.

“Watching things back I am surprised that Alison’s edit has been as quiet as it has been. In my mind, up to this point she was playing a very Kim Spradlin-like game, the greatest female to ever play and win. She is playing that role and but it has been weird watching it back. Whenever she says something she is so spot on and brilliant! It is just weird,” said a confused Elizabeth as she spoke another moment that has taken her aback.


John Powell: What else did you find surprising to watch?

Elizabeth Olson: “The whole Angelina [Keeley] jacket thing was shocking. I had heard about it but to actually see it, it was one of the most iconic moments in Survivor history and it happened on my season!”

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John Powell: As a member of the jury what qualities do you want the winner to have?

Elizabeth Olson: “The game is to outwit, outlast and outplay. Whoever has the most points as far as those factors are concerned is going to get my vote.”

John Powell: When it comes to your edit is there anything you wish viewers could have seen?

Elizabeth Olson: “They (the producers) focused mostly on my serious side. I have a very funny personality and I made a lot of friends! I laugh quite a lot so it is interesting looking back and don’t remember seeing a lot of that.”

John Powell: Do you regret using the information Angelina gave you against her at Tribal Council?

Elizabeth Olson: “No, I don’t whatsoever. It was hard to do but it was the only smart move I had available. I would have had regrets if I hadn’t.”


John Powell: Watching the episodes back were you astonished at how divided and chaotic the Goliath alliance was behind the scenes?

Elizabeth Olson: “No, of course they are going to appear one way but in reality the relationships are far more complicated that what we see. They can be arrogant all day long but we have all seen Survivor before. We know that is all just a mirage. The surprise would be if it was a surprise to them.”

John Powell: Who do you think is playing the best game at present?

Elizabeth Olson:Christian [Hubicki]. I don’t think it is an accident that everyone wants to work with the biggest threat in the game. That doesn’t normally happen and the reason it is happening is because Christian has so much charm.”

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