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Eddie Murphy Brings Gumby Back To Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy Brings Gumby Back To Saturday Night Live

Eddie Murphy Brings Gumby Back To Saturday Night Live


Eddie Murphy finally returns to host the last Saturday Night Live of not only 2019, but all of the 2010s!

Eddie Murphy came home with a bang! With what could have been a shaky episode, given Murphy’s distance from the show over the past 35 years, and his hit-and-miss film career over the past 20. But Murphy was on fire this weekend. He’s a natural sketch comic. It was like the moment he was on stage, he was in his element.

Leading up to his episode (and it was a long lead-up: Murphy was announced to host back in September) fans were wondering if Eddie Murphy would bring back any characters. His most popular were obviously the most anticipated: the parody of Mr. Rogers who lives in a rough neighbourhood, Mr. Robinson; the grown-up Little Rascals star with a speech impediment trying to make it as a singer, Buckwheat; the constantly irate amateur insult comic Gumby. And guess what? He brought all three back! Buckwheat sang, Mr. Robinson explained gentrification and Gumby intruded on Weekend Update.

The wait was worth it, and now the door has opened: getting someone to host SNL a second time is much easier than initiating that first time.

But Eddie Murphy wasn’t the only ex-SNL employee on this episode. Rachel Dratch played Amy Klobuchar in the opening Democratic debates sketch, and Maya Rudolph even showed up again despite Kamala Harris no longer being in the presidential race. Even Jason Sudeikis returned as Joe Biden, which is bittersweet; it’s always nice to see Sudeikis, but his Biden doesn’t stand up to Woody Harrelson’s. Hopefully this was just a one-off because of conflicts with Harrelson’s schedule? And don’t forget Larry David’s Bernie Sanders, who counts because he used to write for SNL (and that was during the Eddie Murphy years!).

But they’re little Democratic party was quickly interrupted by another sort-of cast member: Alec Baldwin stomped on stage as Donald Trump to figuratively ruin everyone’s evening.

It’s worth noting that Kate McKinnon opened that sketch as Elizabeth Warren, but closed it as Nancy Pelosi. That’s one extreme costume change.

And that’s that, for Saturday Night Live in the 2010s. Lots of laughs and heartbreaks throughout the show’s fifth decade. But one can only be excited for what the next decade brings!

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