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Daniel Craig Shows James Bond “Sneak Peak” on SNL

Daniel Craig Shows James Bond “Sneak Peak” on SNL

Daniel Craig Shows James Bond “Sneak Peak” on SNL


Daniel Craig hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend and brought a special treat for all viewers.

Daniel Craig wowwed the audience with a splendid across-the-board performance on Saturday Night Live. The show had been lagging the past few months – but Craig was able to start the fire from the spakr that John Mulaney lit last week.

For his monologue, Craig brought a “clip” from his upcoming, and his ultimate, James Bond film No Time To Die.

(NOTE: this is original Saturday Night Live content and not actually a clip from the upcoming Bond film No Time To Die)

Funnily enough this sketch really showcases how the cast can be typecast within its own show – Beck Bennett as the overconfident dirtbag, Keenan Thompson being his usual enthusiastic dummy, Kate McKinnon as an outrageous elderly person and Chloe Fineman being given only plat-relevant and not funny lines. An allusion to Craig’s long-term Bond gig, playing the same character over and over? Maybe not.

Besides Craig, a very special guest appeared in the show’s cold open, playing herself. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who dropped out of the presidential race recently, appeared on the show. If you’ve been paying attention, Kate McKinnon’s Warren is as close to a political endorsement as SNL could get. She’d come on and be the voice of reason – with enthusiasm and absurd metaphors as her comedy. She’d sincerely lay out her platform. And this weekend, Kate McKinnon thanked Warren as herself, and on behalf of Saturday Night Live.

Also, Rachel Dratch guested again, and got a whole sketch of her own! She brought back Debbie Downer – what now might now be one of the longest running recurring sketch on SNL. Debbie has been bringing down audiences since 2004 – though she hadn’t appeared since 2010 before this weekend.

Rachel Dratch has been appearing on Saturday Night Live a lot recently as Democratic candidate Amy Klobuchar. But Klobuchar dropped out, and everyone wanted Dratch to stick around, so why not revive her best character?

Meanwhile Weekend Update again stuck to the headline news, mostly about Donald Trump, the Corona virus, and Trump’s take on the Corona virus. Will these COVID-19 jokes be in bad taste when looking back, a few months from now? Hopefully not. But with Election 2020 and COVID-19, the countdown is on (sort of literally?) for what’s going to be an interesting year.

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