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Bill Burr to host Saturday Night Live

Bill Burr to host Saturday Night Live

Bill Burr to host Saturday Night Live


This weekend, comedian Bill Burr will host Saturday Night Live.


The Story So Far

Saturday Night Live premiered season 46 last weekend, with Chris Rock hosting the first episode back in the studio. It was the first episode filmed live from New York since March of this year. Due to COVID-19 and the spring lockdown, production halted, and returned a month later with Saturday Night Live At Home – episodes created entirely from the casts’ homes, while under lockdown.

But they’re back in New York now. And they’re ready to take on the rest of 2020 – with all of its ups and downs you know it has in store. Part of that is dealing with next month’s Presidential election, and SNL brought in a ringer. After a long line of Biden impersonators over the past year, SNL has settled on Jim Carrey to take the helm as Joe Biden for the upcoming months. And, depending on what happens in November, maybe longer.


This Week’s Host: Bill Burr

Bill Burr will follow Chris Rock as host for episode number two. Both stand-up guys (by trade – comedians, who knows how swell they are in their personal lives), it’s an interesting back-to-back pairing. And Burr is an interesting choice for host, period. His stand-up comedy, if you haven’t seen it, is fairly… aggressive. And if you’re a regular podcast listener, you’ve probably heard his voice, as he appears in almost all of the popular comedy podcasts.

Burr came up in stand-up through the 1990s in New York – chances are he auditioned for SNL while he was doing it. Now he’s front-and-centre, 25 years later. He’s got presence and charisma, and knows where to hit a joke. He’s going to be an exceptional host, so don’t miss him this Saturday, October 10! 


Morgan Wallen Dropped

Country music star Morgan Wallen was scheduled to perform as musical guest this Saturday. But mere hours after a video of Wallen attending a party with no social distancing or proper COVID protection measures, he was dropped from the episode. Saturday Night Live has taken putting their show back in the studio during the pandemic very seriously, and there is no tolerance for anyone who jeopardizes that. Wallen has publicly issued an apology, stating that he has “some growing up to do.”

Currently, the musical guest is still to be determined (but chances are it will be Paul Simon).

It will be an episode to watch regardless of this week’s drama, with Jim Carrey’s likely return as Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s current case of COVID and Bill Burr’s first episode of Saturday Night LiveDon’t miss it, Saturday October 10 at 11.30 et/8.30 pt.

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