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Will Ferrell Shares Oscar Stories on The Late Show

Will Ferrell Shares Oscar Stories on The Late Show

Will Ferrell Shares Oscar Stories on The Late Show


Will Ferrell finds his way on to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to review his Oscars performance and brag about his very first role on CBS.

Will Ferrell is a man best known for yelling absurd phrases very loudly. And he does it well. Even still, Ferrell is a versatile and hilarious comedian, known for his work on Saturday Night LiveOld School, The Office (yeah, very briefly but so memorable), and Anchorman. All classic hits.

Speaking of Anchorman, when Ferrell was last on The Late Show, it was as his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy during a live post-Superbowl show. And boy did it get sloppy. Blame it on the whiskeys (and Ferrell’s constant boundary pushing as a comedian)

But that wasn’t even the first time Ferrell was on CBS (though he’s always been a classic peacock boy, ever devoted to NBC). His first dramatic role on CBS was a huge troll session – Will Ferrell pranked viewers of The Guardian by letting them think he was going to be a recurring character, then blammo.

Imagine setting that up just for a laugh. And not even getting name recognition in the credits. That’s some Andy Kaufman level stuff right there.

This past weekend Will Ferrell presented the Best Cinematography award at the Oscars with his Downhill costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But it wasn’t his first time at the Oscars, despite having never even been nominated.

Apparently, Will Ferrell just stood there on the red carpet as photographers were yelling his name. Frustrated that they would keep yelling “Will!” while he was looking at them, he only later noticed Will Smith standing beside him. You know, the significantly more popular Hollywood Will.

Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus – who was on The Late Show just earlier this week – hadn’t met until not that long ago, despite both having been on Saturday Night Live and working at NBC at the same time. And it wasn’t very spectacular of a meeting, either.

Those guys can talk about nothing and still make it entertaining. That’s why they’re exactly where they are today.

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