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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Visits Her Friend Stephen on The Late Show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Visits Her Friend Stephen on The Late Show


Star of Veep, Seinfeld and so much more Julia Louis-Dreyfus guested on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

The Seinfeld curse has long passed Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has long since surpassed the titular former co-star of hers as the house-hold name for the show. With her success with HBO’s Veep and her exploded film career, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ time on various NBC comedy shows is merely a prequel to the amazing performer she is now.

Her new movie Downfall (also starring Will Ferrell, whom you can see on The Late Show tonight!) was shot in the Austrian mountains in what sounds like terrible conditions. There was literally so little heat and oxygen. Like, there was less oxygen on set because of how high up they were!

But also, what an experience! Not many can say that they were able to spend their workdays in beautiful Austria, experiencing parts of the country that even the locals don’t see much.

Also, not a lot of people can say they have a toilet-related Putin story, so there’s something else Julia Louis-Dreyfus has on the rest of us:

After filming Downhill with Will Ferrell, the two were invited to present together at The Oscars, which happened just this past weekend! Together they presented the award for Best Cinematography, which went to Roger Deakins for 1917. It’s not really something they have experience with directly, but hey, they’re entertaining as heck so bring it on!

And apparently so are The Oscar parties – but it’s rooms full of literal entertainers drinking a lot, so how could it not be entertaining?

Before her time on The Late Show was up, Julia Louis-Dreyfus had to get something off her chest. With Valentine’s Day being this Friday, she felt that she had to set the record straight with the oddly-forceful holiday: she’s not going to let it tell her what to do. She’ll be romantic as hell all year, just to spite it.

There’s lots more where Julia Louis-Dreyfus came from. If you’re new to her, check out her fan favs Veep and Seinfeld, both of which broke the mold for comedic television.

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