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Survivor 39: Mid-Season Report Card

Survivor 39: Mid-Season Report Card

Survivor 39: Mid-Season Report Card


John Powell – GlobalTV.com

The merge is finally here and you can bet many of this season’s players are breathing a sigh of relief. Lairo and Vokai are no more but that doesn’t mean those original tribal alliances are not still intact.

Here are our assessments of the players who remain to perhaps help with your Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool picks.

In a twist from our normal format, they are ranked by the chance we think they have of making the finale of Survivor: Island of the Idols from most likely to least likely.


1. Janet Carbin

Everyone respects Janet and that goodwill goes a long way in the Survivor game. If Janet can hold the original Vokai Alliance together and maintain their trust, she has a great chance of winning the entire season.

2. Kellee Kim

She is heads and shoulders above the other players this season. Her back-up plan, alliance in Dean is a smart move. One wonders though if she will have to sacrifice him or will they be able to maneuver each other to the end by utilizing a divide and conquer strategy which has worked very successfully before on Survivor and other reality shows like Big Brother.

3. Missy Byrd

Missy has been a strong player from the very start. The problem is that Missy is a part of the original Lairo Alliance. Of any of the members of that alliance, Missy has the ability to manipulate her way to safety and possibly to control over the merged tribe. She is a clever player but things are not looking good at the merger for her and her allies.

4. Tommy Sheehan

Tommy has a Survivor skill that has enabled so many players to get to the final phase and that is he can adapt and evolve his strategy to match the tribal politics. Like Kellee he has several back-up plans to protect him just in case things go bust with the Vokai Alliance near the end.

5. Lauren Beck

She isn’t playing the strongest game; however, Lauren is in the right alliance with the right back-up plan in place.

6. Noura Salman

She may have no filter. She may not be playing the most covert game. Her social game may be a dumpster fire at times but Noura could be one of those players who despite their own gameplay manages to make it to the end, even if it is because she is dragged to the final Tribal Council because she has made so many enemies on the jury.

7. Dean Kowalski

Dean has been spared thanks to Kellee’s idol. If he can work with her to take out everyone else before the others can realize what is going on, he and Kellee could make it to the finals.

8. Karishma Patel

She certainly isn’t the strongest player when it comes to the challenges. That is why she will be kept around a lot longer than many of the other Survivors. She isn’t a threat to win Individual Immunity or the jury vote.

9. Jamal Shipman

His social game will eventually catch up to him. Jamal will likely be that we-have-the-numbers-let’s-get-rid-of-one-of-our-own-because-we-cannot-stand-them boots.

10. Dan Spilo

His head has been on the chopping block for quite some time. When it is time for Vokai to cannibalize one of their own, Dan will be a clear target.

11. Elaine Stott

Vokai has marked her for the big boot before due to her social game. Of the remaining Lairo, she and Missy will be easy targets.

12. Elizabeth Beisel

She is too much of an athletic threat to be kept around for much longer.

13. Aaron Meredith

Aaron is not only another player who can upset any plans by winning Individual Immunity, he could be the one who tries to make a move against the majority and is booted for it.