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New Season Wednesday September 25 at 8 ET/PT



Survivor Fantasy Tribe – Season 38 Pool

Survivor Fantasy Tribe – Season 38 Pool


16RETURNING PLAYERS:  Jump to the Results section to see how many points your picks racked up for the week.

How to play

STEP 1:  Pick five castaways to be in your ‘Fantasy Tribe’ who you think will make it to the final five and, out of those five, one MVP who you think will be the sole-survivor. Points begin to accumulate starting with episode 2 airing on February 27.

Tip: Check out the Season 38 cast bios and watch the ET Canada pre-season special below to help with your decision!

:  Designate a tribe commissioner amongst your friends and family that you’ll be competing against to keep track of points using the Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool Card.

STEP 3: Watch Survivor: Edge of Extinction Wednesdays at 8 et/pt beginning February 20 on Global.

STEP 4: Check the Results section every Thursday evening throughout the season to see how many points your castaways racked up for the week based on the points scoring system.

STEP 5:  Award the Survivor: Edge of Extinction Fantasy Tribe Championship title at the end of the season to the player who has collected the most points.


  • Score 1 point per castaway in your ‘Fantasy Tribe’ for each week they survive (excludes castaways on Extinction Island)
  • Score 15 bonus points if any of your picks make the final three
  • Score 30 bonus points if your MVP wins the game

Additional weekly points categories

Earn additional weekly bonus points if any of your ‘Fantasy Tribe’ castaways do any of the following visibly on screen:
(Limited to one line per castaway per week. For example, if your castaway cries multiple times in an episode, that’s still 5 points for that week but if two of your castaways cry, that’s 10 points! Excludes recaps of past episodes and “next time on” sneak previews.)

Five point categories
  • Wins a group Immunity Challenge
  • Wins a group Reward Challenge
  • Gets chosen to go on reward
  • Plays a hidden immunity idol on themselves at Tribal Council
  • Uses a game advantage at Tribal Council
  • Chooses to go to Extinction Island
  • Cries on camera
  • Says “I miss…”
  • Kisses another player
  • Gets into a heated argument and shouts at another player
  • Has a wardrobe malfunction/shows nudity that is blurred on screen

Ten point categories
  • Wins an individual Reward Challenge
  • Finds a hidden immunity idol
  • Gets a game advantage (excludes idol clues)
  • Voted out while in possession of a hidden immunity idol or game advantage
  • Torch gets snuffed as a result of a blindside
  • Gets treated for a medical emergency
  • Chooses to forfeit the game (excludes castaways already voted out or on Extinction Island)
  • Catches seafood or wildlife

Fifteen point categories
  • Wins an individual Immunity Challenge
  • Re-enters the game from Extinction Island
  • Gives their immunity idol/necklace away or plays it for another player
  • Starts the first fire at their tribe
  • Creates a fake immunity idol
  • Plays a fake immunity idol at Tribal Council
  • Tampers with or steals the tribe’s food
  • Is forced to leave the game by no choice of their own (asides from being voted off or castaways already on Extinction Island)


Find the castaways you picked to be in your ‘Fantasy Tribe’ below and tally your points using the Survivor Fantasy Tribe Pool Card. Remember, no points were awarded for the first episode since the pool was still open at the time.

Episode 13 Points

Tip: Remember to add an additional 30 bonus points if you selected Chris as your MVP at the start of the season. Thanks for playing!

Episode 12 Points

Episode 11 Points

Episode 10 Points

Episode 9 Points

Episode 8 Points

Episode 7 Points

Episode 6 Points

Episode 5 Points

Episode 4 Points

Episode 3 Points

Episode 2 Points

For entertainment purposes only.

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