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Ozzy Lusth Survivor 34 Exit Interview: “I Should’ve Trusted Cirie”

Ozzy Lusth Survivor 34 Exit Interview: “I Should’ve Trusted Cirie”

Ozzy Lusth Survivor 34 Exit Interview: “I Should’ve Trusted Cirie”


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

If he wasn’t before, Ozzy Lusth is a bona fide Survivor legend now. With his finish on Survivor: Game Changers, Ozzy now holds the record for most days played (120) and is the only player in Survivor history to make the merger four times.

Even though he didn’t win it’s something he takes pride in as well as all of the support fans have given him all of these years.

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“It feels really good. That is the one thing that I really love about Survivor. I am disappointed in myself for not doing better but I really love that I still have all of that support,” said a grateful Ozzy.

This time around, Ozzy admits his biggest mistake was not trusting Cirie more than he did.

“That might have been a really great opportunity to work with and trust someone I have played with before. That is my biggest regret, not giving her the credit that I think she deserves,” he said moving on to give Tai the nod as well.

John Powell: How was it to compete against Tai and did you see the end of that challenge as passing the torch to him in a way?

Ozzy Lusth: “It is a challenge that only a few people who have played this game can beat me and Tai is one of them. I think he did a great job but I still think I have got more of an edge on him and just got really unlucky with that one.”

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John Powell: There is no denying you are a massive target and cannot fade into the background. What was your strategy this time around?

Ozzy Lusth: “Well, my strategy was just to have a great time. I really didn’t expect to make it too far and the fact that I made it as far as I did is pretty amazing. When it came down to it, when people decided they wanted me gone, there was really nothing I could do.”

John Powell: As a competitive person does it bother you that you haven’t yet replicated being the success of being a runner-up on Cook Islands?

Ozzy Lusth: ”I have been just so lucky that I have been able to go back and play four times now. I have been able to play the greatest game that has ever been created.”

John Powell: We saw that Debbie was hell-bent on getting you out to the point that she used her extra vote. What do you think of her move?

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Ozzy Lusth: “I think she made a huge mistake. There was no need and she created a vacuum where, now that I am gone, there is obviously nowhere to hide. I think there is plenty of other people who have just as big a target as myself and they don’t go out and catch fish.”

John Powell: When you left, were you hoping they would starve just a little bit?

Ozzy Lusth: (Laughs) “I don’t hope they starve but…they are incredibly uncomfortable for the rest of the game.”

John Powell: You have been able to sit back and watch the show, is there anything you wish the producers would have included when it came to your edit?

Ozzy Lusth: “I mean, there is so much. We did so much around camp. I caught so many fish. I think they could have shown how much fun we had playing the game.”

John Powell: What have you learned in that time about the game and about yourself as a person?

Ozzy Lusth: “I guess I have to be a better liar.” (Laughs)

John Powell: Would you ever play again?

Ozzy Lusth: “Of course, I would.”

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