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Natalie Anderson – Going Solo for the Win

Natalie Anderson – Going Solo for the Win

Third time’s a charm for Sole Survivor Natalie Anderson. After two failed attempts at the million dollar prize on Amazing Race, Natalie and her twin sister Nadiya, came to the Survivor island to win. We barely got to hear her shout the catchphrase, “Twinnie!” before Nadiya was voted out, leaving Natalie to fend for herself […]

Keith Nale – Stay Low, Win Challenges

Keith Nale – Stay Low, Win Challenges

Fire chief Keith Nale will always be remembered in Survivor history as the man who destroyed the plan with his now famous catchphrase “Just stick to the plan”. Admittedly, he didn’t come into the game with the most strategic knowledge. Partnered with his son Wes, Keith’s strength came in the immunity challenges, especially any of […]

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

Competing for a $1 million prize in another Blood vs. Water season, pairs of castaways embark on an incredible adventure, battling extreme conditions in an effort to "Outwit, Outplay and Outlast" one another.

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