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Michaela Bradshaw: “I should have been paying attention” – Survivor 34 Exit Interview

Michaela Bradshaw: “I should have been paying attention” – Survivor 34 Exit Interview

Michaela Bradshaw: “I should have been paying attention” – Survivor 34 Exit Interview


Michaela Bradshaw, known to Survivor fans as a vocal and unpredictable player, has undergone quite the evolution in the short time between last season and this one. She’s matured, thanks to several mentors in the game, and walked away this time with no hard feelings.

Ironically, it was the secret advantage that she missed out on that sent her home. Speaking to GlobalTV.com, Michaela clears up that confusing Tribal Council, and how Cirie’s failed attempt in using Sarah’s advantage ended with her torch being outed.

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“Unfortunately, Cirie had this grand scheme in her mind. Instead of just going to four people or three people and saying, “Let’s vote Tai,” she made a big spectacle out of voting out Tai and I don’t understand why, but in her mind that was the best idea. She ended up spooking Sarah and Sarah didn’t know what was going on and just reacted. All these names started flying – people whispering things to different people and somehow the names landed on me and I ended up going home. “

Even though Cirie’s mistake seemed to lead to Michaela being voted out, Michaela has no ill feelings toward Cirie, who was a mentor and friend in the game.

“I think that Cirie made a dumb choice and it definitely led to it, however, there are other things I could have done. I’m more at fault more than anyone else. I should have been paying attention enough to catch that advantage for myself so that it was never in Sarah’s bag to begin with. I could have scrambled more that day because the original vote was Aubry. I didn’t want to pick Aubry.  Even though I don’t care for Aubry in the game, I just didn’t think that was the smartest move. I wanted to vote for Sarah. I didn’t go talk to everyone about voting out Sarah just because I was just over the strategizing part of the game and because I didn’t strategize hard enough. I also didn’t fight for myself. Sarah told me to vote for Tai and I knew those numbers didn’t make sense. I didn’t take action when I should have, and that’s why I went home.”

Global:  Do you think it was a smart move for Sarah to use her secret advantage that Tribal?

Michaela Bradshaw: Yes! Because the advantage had already been spoiled at that point and now she’s thinking, I need to get rid of it and use it to get rid of somebody that I need to get rid of! And so, she chose me which I can’t get mad for because I was trying to convince Cirie to vote for Sarah.

Global: Some viewers were puzzled when you told Brad to go fishing. What were you were trying to accomplish there?

Michaela Bradshaw:  My thing was I had just talked to a couple of people who were thinking of not voting Brad out and I said, “You know what, the reason to keep Brad is because he can bring food and nobody will vote for him in the end.” So I told him if you go fishing, that’s a good thing because everybody gets excited about food and nobody wants to eat a meal and be like “Dang. We’re going to vote out this provider.” It was my way- and I could have used more tact- but that was my way to get Brad to stop going off by himself into the forest making it look like he was looking for an idol. But for some reason he was like, “Are you trying to blackmail me?” Like, that’s not how blackmail works!

Global: You’re known for pulling out snacks during Tribal Council, which is pretty hilarious. What inspired that?

Michaela Bradshaw: Me eating at tribal and drinking tea on big votes that changed the direction of my tribe for the game was my way of sending a message to people who were underestimating me and thought I was stupid and not worth talking. “Hey, you thought you had a solid plan, but somehow your plan has sent you home and I’m part of it.” So that was my way of like “ha, ha.”

Global: Watching back the episodes, you know that you missed out on an advantage. What would you have done with it if you had that advantage for yourself?

Michaela Bradshaw: I don’t know whose vote I would have stolen, but who I would have used that to cast votes against would have been Sarah.

Global: Cirie gave you advice on your social game. How did you navigate the waters of social game with a reputation that proceeded you?

Michaela Bradshaw: It’s just realizing that in American society, some people have more power than others. That’s just how it is. And you have to learn how to recognize the box that people are creating for you and regardless of what it looks like or what it means, find a way to play from inside of it and it will make other people feel comfortable. And that’s what I did, and when I started doing that instead of busting the system, my name fell off the chopping block.

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Global: Would you like to play again, and if so, what would you do differently?

Michaela Bradshaw: I keep saying I would play again if I was older and wiser, and maybe after one kid because I heard kids calm you down a little bit. I’m still growing. I’m a young professional, but you know one day, I can be a little more like Sandra and Cirie. But I have to keep my eyes open for the advantages, or maybe I have to flip the script and be like Sarah and just go rogue- be the rogue cop for 39 days.

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