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Live Feed Spoilers: Sad, angry nominee encouraged not to give up

Live Feed Spoilers: Sad, angry nominee encouraged not to give up

Live Feed Spoilers: Sad, angry nominee encouraged not to give up


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

America is finally out of bed and getting her head back into the game.

Yesterday, America retreated to her and Cory’s bed when their showmance ended up on the block together courtesy of Not-So Invisible HoH, Jag.

Cirie sat with America trying to encourage her to continue fighting for her spot in the house as they sat on the patio.

“I asked her if she knew and she straight-up lied to me. She has been on them like a leach,” said America of Bowie Jane.

“Yup, stuck like glue,” said Cirie about Bowie doing some chores for Jag and Matt.

“That’s a strategy,” grumbled America.

“I ain’t doing it. I draw the line. They can evict me. I don’t give a f—k,” replied Cirie.

America admitted that the overall plan she and Cory had was to target Matt and Jag sooner rather than later.

“How dare they!” said America laughing about Jag and Matt drawing first blood. “They weren’t wrong.”

“They beat you to it,” laughed Cirie.

“Sometimes things are so childish. I am over it,” said America about the house and the game.

“Cory is like I have to go out there and mingle. And do what? I am not going to go out and laugh with them and pretend everything is good,” said America.

“Unfortunately, you have to have conversations with them as much as you hate it,” suggested Cirie.

America thinks that everyone’s decision is already made when it comes to this week’s vote.

Cirie reminded America of what happened to Mecole and Izzy. Things can change quickly in the Big Brother house.

“What is it you want?” asked Cirie.

“I want to stay but I hate that Cory is in this position,” answered America.

“You have to pull your ‘big girl panties up’ like I have to do with this dumb ass punishment,” Cirie advised.

“They (Jag and Matt) know I am done with them. I am coming after them. I am not going to sit there and beg for their votes,” said America.

America then admitted she has thought of messing with the food in the house.

“I am hiding the bags of shredded cheese and hiding the tortillas,” she said to Cirie.

“If I go in there (the storage room) and cannot find the tortillas I will burst into laughter,” Cirie smiled.

During Matt and Cirie’s morning routine in the bathroom the topic was Bowie Jane’s age.

“I think she prefers the younger crowd,” said Cirie.

“Especially if she is a DJ. You are always around them. Usually it is younger people at concerts,” replied Matt.

“I think she might be older,” commented Cirie.

“You think she is older than she says?” asked Matt.

“I think there is a story we don’t know,” answered Cirie.

“You mean she is actually a famous DJ?” asked Matt.

“Not necessarily anything to do with being a DJ,” said Cirie. “That is what I think but I don’t know.”

Cirie is right. Bowie Jane is 45 and is a DJ and judge.

America finally met with Blue to hash out their differences today.

“In a game sense, you have done me f—–g filthy,” said Blue. “My ass was on the block and you were telling me all this stuff about Matt and Jag. I didn’t believe it. Why would I trust you and Cory over them two? I am sure not all that you told me were lies but these were people I went though the wringer with since Day One.”

“You had no intention of keeping me,” continued Blue.

America insisted she wouldn’t have voted Blue out.

“It could have been me, Cory and perhaps Bowie,” said America of the votes she wanted to secure for Blue.

“I had a conversation with Cory and he said he had no intention of keeping mem and I fully understood that,” Blue responded.

America insisted that Matt and Jag were on the bandwagon to get Blue out too.

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