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Live Feed Spoilers: Rage, tears and talk of reprisals after Double Veto Ceremony

Live Feed Spoilers: Rage, tears and talk of reprisals after Double Veto Ceremony

Live Feed Spoilers: Rage, tears and talk of reprisals after Double Veto Ceremony


By John  Powell – Global.com

Today’s Double Veto Ceremony has triggered threats of reprisals in the Big Brother house.

Blue took herself off the block with the Power of Veto. As the Not-So Invisible HoH, Jag then put America in Blue’s place. Jag then used his Power of Veto on Felicia saving her and as the Not-So Invisible HoH he put up Cory.

Cory and America are this week’s final nominations.

Jag, Matt and Blue discussed the fallout of the decision to target Cormerica.

“They had a final three with everyone,” said Blue shrugging her shoulders.

“Cory was like: I don’t know why you did this! It has always been the five!” said Jag of his confrontation with him after the ceremony.

“Shut the f—k up! He was trying to go after me using your HoH!” said Blue to Jag.

“It happened the way it happened. I can only do what I can to correct my mistakes,” said Jag.

“I am going to tell them they were THIS close. They (Cory and America) almost got Jag to get me out. You f—-d up and you tried to hard to cover your bases,” said Blue. “That was their mistake and my saving grace.”

Jag is sure Cormerica will want to speak to him again. He would like Blue and Matt there to make sure things are on the up-and-up.

Felicia came into the room and thanked Jag for saving her.

On the patio, Bowie Jane and Cirie spoke about Cormerica’s duplicity.

“Were they doing that three thing with you as well?” asked Bowie.

“Nope,” said Cirie.

“They must have been too scared to do it with you,” said Bowie Jane.

“I wouldn’t have given them nothing,” said Cirie.

Bowie Jane and Cirie agreed it will be so interesting to see Cameron’s reaction to Cory’s arrival at the jury house.

Cirie met with America who was in bed and under the covers crying since the ceremony. Cirie insisted that she would told about the plot just last night but thought they were lying to her. Cirie told America that everybody in the house knew what was going down though.

“I am really, really sorry to see you so upset,” said Cirie.

“It isn’t your fault. You didn’t do any of it,” said America sobbing.

Laying in bed in each other’s arms America and Cory spoke about how everything went so very wrong for them.

“I care about you more than the game,” said Cory.

“I want you to stay. This is my fault. It is whatever Blue said to them,” whispered America.

Cory said he will speak to Bowie Jane and get the lowdown.

“She knew about this and just lied to me!” said America.

Jag and Matt met in the bathroom.

Jag insisted again that if Cory and America want to speak with them, they should have Blue there too.

“That would be the clarity they need. If we don’t have that conversation they will stay upset and confused,” said Jag.

America used the bathroom and washed her hands.

“Let me know when you want to talk,” said Jag to her offering an olive branch.

“Literally, f—k off!” snapped America as she stormed off.

“Peeerfect!” groaned Jag.

“Grow up,” commented Matt about America’s behaviour.

After talking with some of the other houseguests but not really getting anywhere, Cory went back to console a sad and angry America who remained in bed, under the covers and avoiding everyone.

“I want you to stay. I will make it happen. It is all my fault,” insisted America.

“Don’t make it happen,” replied Cory.

“I don’t know what Blue told them but it is my fault,” said America. “I really don’t care about the game! I really don’t care to stay here with them!”

“You should talk to them to see what happened just for your own sanity,” advised Cory.

“I don’t need to f—–g talk to Jag! They did all this s—t without fact-checking anything! F–k Bowie Jane too!” she replied.

“I cannot go scorched Earth,” said Cory not wanting either of them to throw away their games out of anger.

“I can,” replied America.

“I don’t want you to do something stupid you are going to regret,” advised Cory.

“I wouldn’t regret it. I am going to empty out all of the milk gallons,” said America of dumping all the milk in the house down the drain because Jag loves his milk.

“You are going to do all of that s—t and then you are going to stay and then you are going to be f—-d,” warned Cory.

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