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Live Feed Spoilers: Female houseguest accuses Cameron of being a ‘creep’

Live Feed Spoilers: Female houseguest accuses Cameron of being a ‘creep’

Live Feed Spoilers: Female houseguest accuses Cameron of being a ‘creep’


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Blue and America traded notes talking about their showmances in the house this morning on the live feeds and one male houseguest in particular who is getting on their nerves, who rubs them the wrong way with his behaviour.

“Me and Jared need to do what you guys are doing and that is stay on their good sides,” said Blue, 25, to America, 27, of Cameron and Red.

With the mention of Cameron, the 34-year-old stay-at-home-father, the conversation switched to a discussion about his attitude and behaviour towards them.

“Cameron has been over-flirting quite a bit, earlier in the week. I am: ‘Just stop this!’ I was telling Cory about this. He was like: ‘What’s his game?’ Cory and him are getting closer. Cameron said something…I don’t know. Maybe I misunderstood. He was saying there are no cameras or microphones in the jury house, right? He was insinuating. Like, if we were in the jury house together…” America told Blue.

“Shut the f—k up!” snapped Blue.

“I mean, I don’t want to be f—–g misunderstanding things…” said America.

“No. No. You are probably understanding it right though,” said Blue reassuringly.

“He was talking to Cory yesterday and he told him…’Well, you know, if you and America are in the jury house together there are no cameras or microphones.’ Cory was like: What’s his game? What is he getting at? Is he talking about me and you or you and him?” America explained further.

Blue laughed.

“I told him I think he was talking about BOTH of you,” said America.

“Oh, god,” replied Blue rolling her eyes.

“He is such a creep, dude,” said Blue of Cameron.

Blue offered her own story of how Cameron offered her a pair of his shorts. They used to be jeans but Cameron cut them far too short. Blue described them as “short shorts”, something Mecole would wear. Blue thought the offer was just strange.

Blue then brought up how Bowie Jane is flat-out annoying her lately.

“Bowie keeps having me and Jared’s name in her mouth and it pisses me off,” said Blue.

“Why is she talking about you two?” asked America.

“I think it was Felicia who said to her: ‘Why are you so obsessed with him?’ Bowie like like, No, I am not!” said Blue who has noticed that it isn’t just her but others are observing it too.

“What is she saying?” asked America.

“Oh, where’s Blue and Jared? I never see them. Why are they always off on their own?” sighed Blue.

“What is her issue? What does it matter?” asked America.

“Dude, you guys go to bed early. Just leave me be!” said Blue of Bowie.

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