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Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron explains his ‘hurt’ and a way forward with Cirie…but there’s a catch

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron explains his ‘hurt’ and a way forward with Cirie…but there’s a catch

Live Feed Spoilers: Cameron explains his ‘hurt’ and a way forward with Cirie…but there’s a catch


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Despite all that has happened last week and this week, Cameron and Cirie are trying to get back on track.

Cirie opened the conversation in the HoH room with Cameron explaining her current predicament with both Felicia and Izzy being on the block.

“I’m in a rough spot. I would never, nor do I desire to, kick dirt on either one of them,” she said of two of her closest allies.

“I’m on the trail of trying to salvage anything that’s salvageable for us. I appreciate you taking care of me this week. I appreciate you honoring what you said to me. I’m here for guidance. How can we go from here? How do I fix the trust or whatever that was broken between us?” she asked.

“Well, first off, I was dead serious when you came in here right after the nominations when I told you that I love you and I do trust you. I know that you’ve only had to make the moves that you’ve done because you had to. A piece of me understands that. It can be painted that you were looking out for the group as a whole by taking care of Red,” began Cameron.

“I get that. The only thing that I was upset about was not being let in on it because I would have done what was best for the team. I would have listened to all of you. I would have heard what you said and I would have done what was best for our team. I always would have,” said Cameron about not being kept in the dark about the vote to boot Red last week.

“If I had I been let in on what was going on this would have been a completely different week. I told you that I’m with this crew right now and then not only did we go ahead and turn on one of ours but two of us were left out. It just didn’t feel like we were part of that team, like we weren’t in on the plan. Our emotions were decided for us….That was where the hurt was and you guys have already apologized for that…I’m not mad about that. I forgive anything like that because I know that at your core you were acting out of best interest for yourself and for the group too,” said Cameron.

Cameron then reassured Cirie that he still trusts and wants to work with her.

“You were the only person that Red trusted and loved and that was why you are the only person that I currently trust and love. I have a lot of respect and love and trust for you and nothing that happened Thursday night changes that. I know that this is a game…There is a firm firm line for me between game and personal. I love you and I respect you and I trust you…I told you that you remind me of my sister,” said Cameron.

Cameron then laid out what it will take for them to continue working together. He needs Izzy gone from the game.

“I wanted her out a long time ago…I know that that is your girl. I do know that. I know how hard it is letting go of friends in this house…I know that she’s your girl and I know that Red was your guy. I don’t see a path with you and I working together if she’s in this house. I cannot imagine how hard that is to hear so bluntly…I know we work well together. I know we see things at face value, we see everything for exactly what it is…The bottom line is she is very, very good at this game. She has hands in pockets around this house and she is prepared to break from anyone at any time. A lot of people see it but a lot of people are afraid to pull the trigger because they don’t know what’s going to happen after she’s gone,” he said laying out his ultimatum.

“I straight up and down appreciate this level of trust and honesty for you to even feel okay to say this to me, knowing that’s my best friend. That’s already taken a step for me that you are that open and blunt with what how you feel and why you feel it. I already respect and appreciate you. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I don’t feel like anyone in this game has the balls to be this honest. You could b——-t me all day but I wouldn’t feel like you respect me if you are b———g me. So, for you to just be this blunt. I feel respected,” she said.

Cirie then gave her answer to his proposal.

“I’m going to keep it straight with you. I’m no idiot either. I get what you’re saying. It just I need give me a little bit of time just to think about it. I’m not going to say this to Izzy because I don’t want her spiraling. I don’t want to make it a situation. I’m not going to do that. You have my word. I’m not going to do that,” she said asking for time to really let things sink in and to determine what is the best game move for her. Whether it is better for her to keep Izzy or Felicia.

Cameron respected that decision.

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