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Late Show: Stephen Roasts Trump’s State of the Union Address

Late Show: Stephen Roasts Trump’s State of the Union Address

Late Show: Stephen Roasts Trump’s State of the Union Address

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 3: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during Sunday's February 3, 2019 show. (Photo by Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images)


On a very special live episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen dissected and dismembered the inanities of Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address.

Not exactly sure what’s going on in the Trumpiverse right now? Stephen’s already answered most of your Trump-State of the Union questions:

This year’s State of the Union has been a while coming: originally scheduled for January 29 2019, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rescinded the House’s offer to have the President come and speak (you see, the State of the Union is an invite-only event, where the House invites the President to address Congress). Pelosi cancelled the speech because at the time, Trump was holding the Government hostage: he had shut it down (which ended up being the longest American government shutdown in history) until the Democrats agreed to fund his border wall. That temper tantrum ended as well as it could have, eventually, but not without some annoyed mutterings from both parties.

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So now you’re caught up. You probably could guess that Trump said some pretty bananas things during his State of the Union address, including announcing another North Korean summit, hammering his fear campaign against the boogeyman socialists, and even taking credit for people across America improving their lives in spite of him.

Donald Trump did what Donald Trump does best during his speech: lie and blame (though is it truly a lie if the liar flat-out doesn’t understand the topic about which he is speaking?). Trump not-so-subtly jabbed the Democrats over and over, and put the onus of bi-partisanship on them, as though that’s been his goal all along. He gave good, but when it comes to roasting politicians, Stephen gives better.

There are plenty of late night talk show hosts who can do a Trump joke, and most the other big ones went live to cover the State of the Union as well – but the political field has been Colbert’s game long before anyone else, and he just does it more expertly than even Meyers and Noah.

But there’s that celebrity aspect to The Late Show, too, so on such a political heavy night, what else is there to do than mix celebrity culture with politics? After all, the State of the Union is a veritable who’s who of the current political mayhem. It’s basically the Oscars of bureaucracy.

Come back next year for the next State of the Union coverage – Colbert’s quickly made poking fun at this fiasco a yearly tradition.

But also come back before then, too, because The Late Show with Stephen Colbert makes fun of Trump five nights a week!

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