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Izzy: The Fields’ secret was an ’emotional burden’

Izzy: The Fields’ secret was an ’emotional burden’

Izzy: The Fields’ secret was an ’emotional burden’

Izzy Gleicher. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

She was the gatekeeper of Big Brother’s biggest secret this season. Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher, the professional flutist from New York, left the show keeping the fact that Cirie and Jared are mother and son to herself. Would she have eventually used that secret to her advantage? Izzy explains that and more.

John Powell: Izzy it’s wonderful to be talking to you today. How you doing now? You were quite emotional last night. How you doing this morning?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: It is what it is. I know this is part of the game and I know the mistakes that I made that brought me here. I mean, I’m devastated. I wish I was still in the house but I’m okay.

John Powell: Some fans may be a little confused so maybe you can clarify this a little bit but how did you know that Jared was Cirie’s son?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I got into Big Brother because I fell in love with Survivor and fell in love with Cirie…I know Jared because I saw something she posted about music. I’m a musician. I was super curious about it. So, literally he is the only family member of Survivor or Big Brother person that I know. Literally he is the only one. It was luck. Cerise says it’s fate. She knows why I know who Jared is and she’s convinced we were all meant to be together.

Izzy Gleicher and Cirie Fields. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: We saw how hard it is for Jared at time to keep the secret. How hard was it for you?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I’m frustrated by Jared because it wasn’t hard for me at all. It truly felt like my secret, my thing that could blow up my game as well especially at this point, this many weeks in. It wasn’t hard for me at all. I was very proud to to have the secret.

John Powell: We saw last night in her goodbye message to you Cirie reached out to you and she said she considers you an honorary member of her family. That touched you very deeply. How do you feel about that?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: The Big Brother house is a scary, lonely place. Frankly, without her, I mean, we talked about this. I’m sure some live feeders heard this but we talked about how difficult it would have been for either one of us if the other one wasn’t in the house. She was really the only person that I connected with deeply and felt safe with, felt like I was at home with. We’re all missing home. Without that, I think it would have been a rougher go for me.

John Powell: Speaking of family, you mentioned Paige numerous times. How hard was it to be away from her?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I underestimated how difficult it was going to be. Our goodbye when I was coming here (to the Big Brother house) was intense and sad. I missed her every second but that’s why I appreciate my relationship with Cirie so much because it felt like I was with Paige in some way because I felt so at home with Cirie. Replaying the game is the way that Paige and I play the game at home. We’re constantly running scenarios and talking about what people should do and how they should do it.

Izzy Gleicher and Felicia Cannon. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: There are some fans think that you were putting Cirie’s game before your own game. Did you feel like that sometimes or was there something that we didn’t understand?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I just truly believe that yes, it’s an individual game. But, if you don’t have people, how are you going to get to the end? Cameron is on an island, right? Now, Cameron is all by himself. Even if he makes up with some people he’s still going to be an easy target. He’s going to have to win literally every competition he’s eligible for to get to the end. That wasn’t my case. I knew I wasn’t going to be a competition beast so if you’re not going to win competitions, how do you have power? You have power if you align with people that you know are going to protect you and that you are going to protect. It has to be mutual and so I wanted her to know that I was going to protect her as much as she was protecting me. That was important to my individual game.

John Powell: Did you debate revealing the secret, using it to your advantage? Let us in on a little bit of your thinking behind that.

Izzy Gleicher and Julie Chen Moonves Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I think some of the live feed viewers probably saw me think about this every single day in the house. It was absolutely an emotional burden that I carried with me that was hard. Luckily, Cirie and I talked about it. I told her up front. She was like: ‘I know. I know. I know you want to win. I want you to win.’ I think that we had some conversations…We had a plan and I’m pretty, almost 100 per cent certain she would have thrown the final HoH and I think Jared and I would have been sitting in those final two chairs. What a great final jury speech to reveal that I knew this the whole time! That’s why that’s why we were solid until the end.

John Powell: You had a heart-to-heart conversation with Cirie saying that going on Big Brother was a big thing for you because you thought about attempting some exciting things in the past but you always held yourself back. How do you feel now because you were put through the wringer not only physically but psychologically? How do you feel about your entire experience and yourself as a person now?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: I want to get back in the house! I want to play Survivor! I love these games! I felt truly once I was in there (the Big Brother house) that I was meant to do this. This was my NBA finals! This is my sports! I’m a huge sports fan but this is where I’m an athlete! I loved it! I do feel more confident now. I do feel like I can do things now. I’m very thankful for that.

John Powell: I’m gonna give you a little get-back here. Who do you hope follows you out of that house and why?

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher: Come on! The pig! Cameron comes out the door! Let’s go! I think Cameron, if he wins the next HoH, if they don’t get him out, aren’t able to, Jared and Cirie are going on the block for sure. That would be awful. Cameron’s got to go!

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