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Live Feed Update: Houseguests in knock-down-drag-out fight

Live Feed Update: Houseguests in knock-down-drag-out fight

Live Feed Update: Houseguests in knock-down-drag-out fight


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Hours before tonight’s critical eviction vote Cory and Jared got into a very long and heated argument accusing each other of lying and deceiving the other in front of many of the other players.

“Let’s be real about this s—t and put it on the floor so everyone is not confused about what is going on. So what is going on?” asked Jared.

“I am under the impression that for at least a week or two weeks you’ve been in a lot of ways, some direct some indirect, lying to me,” accused Cory. I can go down the list. We could talk about that in private. It makes me incredibly uneasy and it’s not because I’m loyal to America and not you or anyone else. I know you were trying to plant certain things that would make me feel a certain way,” Cory continued.

Cory then addressed Bowie Jane and Matt and discussed his connection to Survivor, that his brother Zachary “Zach” Wurtenberger, played in season 42.

Cory accused Jared of trying to pin that leak on America, lying to him about it.

“I knew that was not her,” said Cory.

“Who was it then?” asked Jared.

“I thought it was you and that is what Cameron told me,” said Cory.

“Let’s put this out there right now. I heard that from Izzy. Let’s cut that lie. Let’s cut that cancer out and keep going…There is no more lying going on,” Jared responded. “The only reason I knew America was talking about it was because of what Izzy said.”

Jared said he didn’t know America knew Cory’s secret until he directly told him.

“I heard something about you from someone I trusted and I brought it straight back to you,” said Jared asking Cory to present the next lie he supposedly told.

Cory said he believed that Jared was his closest ally but was purposely misleading him and lying to him. Jared denied he was planting any kid of seeds or duping Cory.

“If we’re going to talk about lying you told me that you only told three people and I was one of those people. America was not one of those people,” said Jared.

Cory wanted to know how Cameron found out about his secret.

“You talk to your people, bro! How did I know that America knew? That’s the question,” answered Jared.

“So, you are telling me that every ounce of it is b——-?” asked Cory.

“How else would I knew America knew? You never told me this!” said Jared raising his voice. “You lied to me about America knowing and you are trying to tell me I am lying to you! You literally lied to me about who you were going to tell!”.

Cory admitted that he did lie.

“And you are saying you don’t trust me? When the first thing I did when that information got back to me is I told you!” said Jared.

“The only thing that I know is that I thought we had a friendship. When you told me that that was what was going on I believed you wholeheartedly that I was the one of the only three people who knew,” Jared continued.

Jared claimed that was why he started distancing himself from Cory thinking he was being treated like a fool. That he was straightforward with Cory but Cory had been deceiving him to better his own game.

“I’ve been trying to figure out a world where I can exist with you and with her (America) and you’ve been not allowing me to do that,” said Cory saying Jared threatened to put America on the block.

“I had nothing but space and opportunity to put her up. Everything that I’ve been laying out on the table has been very straightforward to you. I have never hid the fact to you that I was coming after America but everything that I’m hearing from you right now, at this moment, is you’ve been lying to me to protect your game because you’re trying to figure out a world where me and America can exist together. So, you’re the one who’s playing this f—–g game and now you’re trying to push it on me,” snapped Jared asking Cory who has been lying to whom exactly.

Cory brought up the For Real, For Real alliance in front of Matt and Bowie. That alliance consisted of America, Cirie, Cory, Felicia, Izzy and Jared.

Jared denied any knowledge of that alliance.

“That is the way you are going to play this right now?” asked Cory.

Jared claimed it was a fake alliance.

“Just so we’re very clear about this. I don’t f—–g consider any of that s–t real,” said Jared.

“Every alliance is fake until it is not fake,” laughed Cory.

“You can be a part of The Three Stooges for all I give a f—k!” said Jared insisting they agreed it was a fake alliance. “You are really lying right now and looking really f—–g bad.”

Cory accused Jared of saying the Seven Deadly Sins alliance was fake too.

“Who the f—k told you that?” asked Jared.

“You did!” blasted Cory.

Jared called out Cory for believing Jag’s lies.

“I am very passionate about this s—t because you are calling me a liar and I feel you just exposed yourself!” said Jared pointing his finger in Jared’s face.

“I am not calling you a liar. People are coming to me and saying you have been lying to me for three f—–g weeks!” said Cory telling Jared to stop talking over him. “You tell me one thing and seven other people tell me another. That’s the truth of it. Do you understand why it is hard for me to believe that? Everyone is coming to me with Jared stories about how you misled them. You want everyone to believe that you are telling the truth because you are talking to me in a loud volume and not letting me say a f—–g word! It is b——t, Jared! We have all been talking and comparing notes!” yelled Cory getting to his feet and pointing his finger in Jared’s face now.

Cory said everyone is corroborating the lies Jared has told. Jared maintained that he didn’t reveal any of Cory’s secrets.

The argue continued bringing in Jag and Cirie while America, Mecole and Blue readied for the live show in the bathroom, Cameron was in the HoH room packing his things and Izzy and Felicia were packing theirs too since they are both on the block.

When the feeds went to showing adoptable animals as they do as the house readies for the live eviction show, Jared and Cory were still arguing and had been for approximately and hour or more.

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