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Felicia on her ‘mustard seed’ of faith and her friendship with Cirie

Felicia on her ‘mustard seed’ of faith and her friendship with Cirie

Felicia on her ‘mustard seed’ of faith and her friendship with Cirie

Felicia Cannon. Photo: CBS.


By John Powell – GlobalTV.com

Mama Fe was more than the resident mother of the Big Brother 25 house she was one of the biggest characters and players in recent memory. Before she was whisked off to the jury house Felicia Cannon spoke briefly with us about how her faith kept her spirits high in the house and her bond with Survivor legend Cirie.

John Powell: Who do you hope follows you to the jury house and why?

Felicia Cannon: Bowie Jane.

Felicia Cannon. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: How did you balance your faith with the cutthroat game that is Big Brother?

Felicia Cannon: If didn’t have my Bible in the house I probably would have left earlier because that’s what brought me up every day. I got up probably 85 out of the 100 days or 96 days and I had to read. I had to read the scriptures. I had to pray. Sometimes I hummed to myself in the mornings before 10 o’clock because that kept me level, that kept me focused.

I had to always go back to: ‘Okay, God, I know it’s getting crazy in here. You’re getting frustrated with some of these people with all this lying going on and with the stupidity going on but I’m trusting and believing in this mustard seed of faith.’ And I was true to that. I felt like if I just stayed focused and trusted in a higher power then I would get as far as I was intended to go and that’s what happened.

John Powell: What do you think of Jag’s decision to keep Matt and evict you?

Felicia Cannon: Jag made probably his biggest mistake of the game. Jag should have evicted Matt.

Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields. Photo: CBS.

John Powell: Your friendship with Cirie had its ups and downs. What was it like having a friend like that in the house?

Felicia Cannon: I think one just being two older females in the house together was good. It seemed like we just kind of resonated with each other and our personalities got along well. She had been on Survivor and I had watched her each season.

It was exciting to actually meet her and play the game with her! She really was a fun person! We laughed about so much crazy stuff in the house! So even though we caused a lot of havoc, we just enjoyed each other’s company.

The finale of Big Brother 25 airs Thursday at 8:00 PM, ET on Global TV.

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